Oppo A39 - Myanmar (Burma)
Oppo A39 Smartphones & Mobile Phones, Pazundaung
1.30 LKs
LG G5 - Myanmar (Burma)
LG G5 Smartphones & Mobile Phones, Yangon
2.10 LKs
iphone7 - Myanmar (Burma)
iphone7 Smartphones & Mobile Phones, Hlaing
0 Ks
iphone 7 plus - Myanmar (Burma)
iphone 7 plus Smartphones & Mobile Phones, Hledan
8.00 LKs

Buy or Sell Smartphones and Mobile Phones in Yangon

The days of the simple, basic cellphone used just for making calls and sending text messages are long gone. Today's smartphones pack an awesome amount of computing power into such small devices, and have become almost an essential accessory for many of us, with the huge range of useful apps improving life in numerous small but important ways. However, all this power can come at a cost if you want the latest and greatest devices - but you can save money on your next mobile phone by buying a pre-owned model for a fraction of the price of new by using our classified ads listings.

How It Works

Our free classifieds put Yangon residents who want to buy a smartphone in touch with those who have one to sell. Our platform allows for easy contact and negotiation of the details before arranging to meet up to complete the transaction. The service is free for both the seller and the buyer!


Mobile Phones in Myanmar

Although mobile phone coverage in Yangon, and Myanmar in general, is perhaps lagging a little behind neighbouring countries, the situation is changing fast. New operators Telenor and Ooredoo joined the existing MPT in late 2014 and are growing their infrastructure on an ongoing basis. All companies sell sim card only services which are ideal to use with your choice of handset.


Popular Mobile Devices in Yangon

Whatever your price range, and however sophisticated your requirements, you'll find a smartphone to fit your needs in your classifieds. Whether you want a big name Apple or Samsung device without the commitment of a contract, or simply a low cost but fully functional handset for daily life, someone somewhere in Yangon will be selling what you're looking for.

  • Apple iPhone 6 - one of the world's most popular and advanced handsets, setting the standards for other smartphones.
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 - The latest Android technology in perhaps the iPhone's main competitor.
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note - a great budget model with features that exceed expectations for its low price.
  • Sony Xperia C5 Ultra - one of the most advanced mid-range phones, with a huge 6" screen and excellent camera capabilities.
  • Huawei Honor - An affordable yet high quality range of smartphones based on the Android operating system.

Tips for Buying Smartphones and Cellphones Online

There's no reason why a second hand handset shouldn't be a bargain-buy that will give you years of service, but as with buying anything online, it pays to take a little care to make sure you get a good deal. Here are some things to look out for when buying pre-owned mobile phones online.

  • Take a look around to get an idea of the average price being charged for the cellphone you're interested in.
  • Check whether a more recent model has better specifications for a similar price - smartphone technology is advancing at an incredible rate.
  • Make sure that the handset is unlocked so that you can use it with with your choice of network, or with your own sim card.
  • Make sure that the deal includes all the necessary accessories such as charger, computer cables, and so on - if you need to buy these separately, it can really push up the cost.
  • Check if the battery is replaceable, and if so how much this will cost - the battery is often the first component to fail in a pre-owned phone, and you should be ready for the possibility of having to replace it at some point.
  • Make sure that the handset you're buying is in as good condition as shown in the picture posted online!