Find Rooms to Rent in Yangon with 1000s of Classifieds

Since the turn of the century, an increasingly international Myanmar has seen exponential growth on a nationwide scale, but nowhere more so than in its major cities. The capital, Yangon, is home to over 5 million people, with more residents arriving every month to lay down roots in one of the most dynamic and up and coming cities in the world. If you’re new to the city, finding a place to live can be a hassle. At, it’s easy to find the perfect room at a rate you’ll love, with thousands of classifieds from private landlords across the city and its surrounding districts. Take the stress out of your accommodation search, whether you’re a student looking for a single room on a budget, or have a bit more budget to play with and are on the hunt for a whole apartment.


Find Rooms & Apartments to Rent in the Perfect Yangon Location:

Find cheap student digs in the centre of the city, or make great savings on more rural postcodes in the Greater Yangon region. Covering more than 600 square kilometres, there’s plenty of ground to cover, so save time on your room search with It’s straightforward and simple to search thousands of properties cross the capital and beyond, with useful filters and search criteria for tailor-made results.

  • Studio Apartments: If you’re willing to compromise on space, single bedroom apartments and studios can be a great way of living in the city on a budget. Expect to pay somewhere in the region of 1,500 LKs for the most basic studio accommodation. Larger flats with more amenities can fetch anywhere from 1,900 – 2,000 LKs per month. Expect to pay more for fully furnished properties, and premium facilities.
  • Flexible rental rates: It’s easy to find accommodation to suit your budget, however little you’re looking to spend. Find great rates on daily guest rooms, weekly deals, and more conventional monthly payment arrangements.
  • Get more for your money. If you’re prepared for a commute into the heart of town, you can make serious savings on monthly rentals with properties in districts like Taungyunt. Here, more expansive properties with multiple bedrooms can cost less than a studio in the centre of the capital. Expect to pay around 1,500 – 1,800 LKs for 3-4 bedroom properties in these districts.

Buying or Renting a Room or Apartment in Yangon:

If you’re planning a move soon, it’s quick and easy to track down a new destination in an area you want when you browse our online classifieds. An ideal option for budget-savvy room hunters, online classifiedsoffer great savings, but should always be approached with usual caution before you part with any cash or details.

  • Is this the area right for you? Consider your commuting time to the office form your new postcode. Will you spend too much of your free time travelling, or does it work for you. How close is the property to essential amenities and facilities? Picking the right area is often worth the premium.
  • Make sure you’ve picked a property where you’ve room to grow. If you’re happy with a single room and streamlined comforts, studio apartments and guest houses are an ideal option. If you’re a small family looking to expand, make sure you’ve a spare bedroom or two if you intend to stay there for the foreseeable.
  • Get an expert opinion. If the property doesn’t come with inspection reports and you’re not convinced of its overall condition and quality levels, bring in an auditor to give you a second opinion. Book a third party contractor for complete objectivity, and easier dealing with your new landlord.
  • Steer clear of listings that seem too good to be true. Unrealistic pricing is a giveaway of a scam, while images and listing descriptions that don’t connect are another big indicator something’s up.

Selling or Renting Rooms Online:

If you’ve got surplus space you can rent out to lodgers, it’s easy to become a landlord and start bringing in a rental income with online classifieds. At, it’s free and quick to post room listings and instantly connect with thousands of potential tenants.

  • Point out the property highlights. Whether you’re offloading a single room or whole apartment, draw attention to any key features and added value that’s on offer. Draw attention to an en suite bathroom, or innovative storage designs concealed away throughout the space.
  • Seal the deal with a first-rate gallery of photos. Images are essential when dealing with the housing market, so make sure yours give a great first impression. Use photos that fully capture the scale and essence of every room, with close up shots of fixtures and fittings, and images of the exterior and immediatelocation to give buyers and tenants a better idea of area.
  • Price it right. If you set ridiculously high room rates, it’s unlikely you’ll get much interest from potential lodgers. Likewise, if you’re a homeowner, make sure you’ve done your homework and researched an appropriate asking price for the kind of property you’re looking to offload.