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Office & Retail Space in Yangon:

Ever since opening its borders to the world in 2000, Myanmar’s major cities and urban centres have continued to see accelerated growth and development. Today, the capital city Yangon is home to over 5.5 million people and thousands of thriving businesses across every sector. If you’re looking to set up shop in the Myanmar capital, finding the perfect office or commercial space at a price that suits can be a nightmare. Take the hassle out of finding your dream location, with thousands of free classifieds for exclusive offices, commercial units and retail spaces across Yangon. Find the perfect space to help your company grow, from an empty building blank canvas where you can really stamp your mark, to fully furnished designer office space, boasting executive meeting rooms and convenient facilities.


Office Space Real Estate in Yangon:

Yangon is the cultural and industrial heart of Myanmar, with tens of thousands of thriving businesses busy across the capital and beyond. The greater metropolis area covers more than 600 square kilometres, meaning real estate prices can vary wildly depending on postcode. Whether you’re looking for a small retail unit in the heart of the city, or something more laid back and sprawling in township surroundings, you’ll find something tailor-made for your budget and brief when you head online to Ads.com.mm.

  • Get kiosks and small retail spaces for as little as 2,000 LKs per month in central regions like Kamaut and Ahlon.
  • Looking to buy? Prices can vary wildly, with smaller spaces costing as little as 30,000 LKs.
  • Renting long term: If you're looking to secure long leases on business properties, always do your homework and ensure you've complete freedom and flexibility as a business tenant.

Buy or Rent Office Real Estate in Myanmar Online:

If you’re looking to secure a new retail space quickly, you’ve come to the right place. At Ads.com.mm, you can browse hundreds of exclusive classifieds for commercial real estate across the capital and Myanmar, all at a range of asking prices and rental fees to perfectly accommodate your business budget. If you’re looking to rent, it’s easy to connect with thousands of potential landlords directly, cutting out the middle man and hidden agency fees that end up costing you more. Looking to make a building purchase for your company for the first time? Stick to a few online safety basics and you can guarantee a great deal.

  • Size is important. Consider your company and its exact needs and requirements. Make sure you go for a property that’s got enough capacity to accommodate your workforce, equipment and everything else. Is your business growing? Make sure you’re purchasing a place that’ll grow with you.
  • Quality finishes make an instant impression. When it comes to making the right statement, image is everything. If you’re prepared to do a little maintenance and cosmetic work to properties, you can make huge savings on auction listings and reduced classifieds, but if you’re after a location you can move your operation into immediately, expect to pay more.
  • Make sure you inspect the building yourself before signing any paperwork. Get an auditor and third-party inspector to sign off the condition of the property and render it fit for purpose.
  • Be cautious of low asking prices, unrealistic timeframes and unusual seller or landlord requests. You’re dealing with huge investments with commercial spaces, so protect your capital and deposits by dealing with listings with the upmost scrutiny. If something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Renting or Listing Commercial Real Estate Online:

If you’re looking to let a retail or business property to rental tenants for the first time, it’s a good idea to keep in mind a few choice tips and tricks every first time landlord should know. First time venturing into the rental market? Make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for, ensuring you get the best deal possible.

  • Engage potential tenants with detailed listings. If you’re struggling to entice potential renters, it might be time to rethink your marketing strategy. Don’t just post a quick summary of dimensions, doors and window sizes – be sure to include as much additional value and hidden features as possible in your description. Help a potential renter see how the building can work for their company.
  • Set a fair price. Don’t put yourself out of the running with insanely high rental rates, or by demanding unfair deposits and extra charges. There’s plenty of competition from other landlords, so make sure you lock down prospective tenants with lucrative rental rates and contract assurances. Likewise, don’t set your rental fees too low. Too much of a great deal can send alarm bells ringing and lump your property listing in the scam category.
  • Give visitors to your listing an idea of your property’s true scale with clear and useful photographs. Make sure any images you take capture the true dimensions of the place, and be sure to include detailed shots of any particularly useful areas. Renting out a retail unit? Be sure to include snaps of any existing fixtures and fittings, including cash registers, shelving and storage, strip lighting and electrical output etc. If you’re feeling adventurous, filming a video walkthrough of your space provides a fantastic extra resource for potential renters.