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If you're looking for a job in Yangon, then you need to look no further than here at! You can search through thousands of job offers in the former capital of Myanmar. Whatever kind of work you're looking for, whether it's a marketing or accoutant job, a student job or manager role, you'll find a whole host of employment opportunities here. Our website is comprehensive and easy to use. Just create a job search in the area, find a company who is looking for someone with your job skills, and apply online. It couldn't be simpler! Find the ideal next job for you, in our job ads section.

Types of Jobs in Yangon

In the last few years, as Myanmar has begun to open up to foreign investment, and new government attitudes have made private enterprise easier, the number of job offers in the country has risen with it. The tourism sector is now bigger than it has ever been. Myanmar has long been popular with tourists from China and other Asian countries, but since the changes in government and policy, there are more and more tourists arriving from North America, Europe and Australia. The tourism sector is not the only sector to have benefitted from the changes in recent years. This boom in foreign investment in Myanmar has led to a boom in job offers in a host of different employment areas such as human resources, administration, accoutantwork and engineering.

Most Popular Job Offers in Yangon

  • Tourism - As the former capital and the country's largest city, there are many tourists arriving here every day. The city's hotel sector is now booming and this brings with it a whole range of different employment opportunities from accoutants to manager positions to cleaning staff and gastronomy. Bear in mind that English is usually an essential requirement for jobs in this sector where you'll be dealing face-to-face with tourists. It can be useful too to have knowledge of other languages too such as German, French or Mandarin.
  • Marketing - As the markets open up, new companies begin trading too. They're looking for youngmarketing professionals to promote their new business. Marketing is increasingly popular amongst graduates. If you're looking for a career in this sector, it helps to have some experience and there are many internships or student jobs available.
  • Accoutants and Finance Managers - All these new businesses are in need of professionals to keep the books balanced. There are many jobs in finance and accounting to choose from here.
  • Student jobs - If you need a job to help support you during your studies, there are many student jobs available in the former capital. Many of these jobs are directly or indirectly involved with tourism, giving you the opportunity to improve your English and foreign language skills and meet people from across the world.

Tips for Applying to Job Ads and Classifieds in Yangon

The internet is basically the world's biggest notice board, newspaper classifieds section and library, all in one place. Since Myanmar has opened up, its true power is beginning to be felt. It's a competitive place, but you can increase your chances of success by simply making sure your resume is clear, concise and informative. During your job search, make sure not to waste time and select only the categories with relevant job ads and classifieds for you. Happy job hunting!