Houses & Villas Classifieds in Yangon

Since opening its borders in 2000, Myanmar’s towns and cities have continued to expand with accelerated growth. Today, capital city, Yangon, is home to some 5.5 million people. If you’re new to town or planning a move, getting a great deal on dream accommodation can be a hassle. Take the stress of finding houses and villas for rent or sale, with hundreds of exclusive housing classifieds across the area. Pay a price that suits you, with easy to search classified listings at


Dream Villas & Houses for Sale in Yangon

Looking to make the leap into property ownership? Take all the right steps when planning your move in the capital. Yangon and its surrounding districts and suburbs make up some 600 square kilometres. Depending on where your dream location is, prices can vary wildly. Expect to pay a premium for a house slap bang in the centre of the city, or opt for semi-rural surroundings and plenty of square footing further afield, with great deals on properties in townships and villages near you. Here, prices are the highest in the country, so be prepared to pay more for your housing wherever you are.

  • 2-3 Bedroom Houses: Depending on your exact requirement, the price for renting a house in the city can vary wildly. Smaller homes can cost as little as 1,800 Lks, with more expansive homes and recent renovations commanding a much higher price per calendar month.
  • Villas and Larger Homes: Looking for something more luxurious? It’s easy to find a character piece or villa with a dream view and garden. Larger properties can command in the region of 40,000 Lks and upwards. Find stunning estates and one of a kind homes in exclusive regions like Hlaing and Taungnyunt.
  • Buying a House or Villa in the City: If you’re buying in the heart of town, expect size to be priced at a premium, and most dwellings to be short on floor space in general. There’s still plenty of gems to be found however, with sweeping properties set on multiple levels, making the most of limited real estate space with innovative architectural perks and features designed for better living.

Find a new dream house right on your doorstep, with hundreds of properties for rent and sale online at, in regions including; Kamayut, Tamwe, and Ahlon.


Buying or Renting Houses & Villas

It’s easier than ever to take the plunge into house ownership, with a user-friendly search platform and free listings with no hidden charges. With quick and easy access to hundreds of properties of all shapes and sizes, you can find your ideal new house in no time at all. A great way for potential buyers to save on agency and contract fees and commissions, it’s straightforward and simple to search post a classified, putting you in touch with potential buyers and sellers across Yangon’s districts and beyond.

Save yourself some serious money and plenty of time, with our user-friendly search platform that puts you on to the best deal quicker than ever. Cut out the hassle and needless cost of the middle man, and find a new home your way, always at a price you’ll love. New to the property market? Score a great deal when you clinch a sale, and always remember to ask yourself a few key questions before making your decision:

  • Location, location, location. It’s important. Before you settle upon any house listing, do your homework into the house’s location. Is it right for you? If you don’t drive, a lack of transport links could be a crucial deal breaker. How close are essential amenities? If you’re buying, what does the market trend look like for the area? If you’re laying out a considerable cash investment with your deposit, it pays to see what your potential returns might be.
  • Make sure your dream space measures up. Whether it’s a compact family house, or sweeping villa with a sea view, make sure your new home’s layout and space works for you. If you’re looking to upgrade and relocate to a condo the heart of town from a more rural township or district, expect to pay a premium for more square footage.
  • Be rigorous with your inspection. You’ll need to be sure the house or villa you’re buying or renting doesn’t come with a long history of problems and recurrent issues requiring costly fixes.
  • Always take precautions when dealing with online transactions. Use common sense to sift out any suspicious or bogus advertisements. Keep an eye out for unrealistic pricing, images and info that don’t correlate, glaringly obvious errors in descriptions, and so on.

Selling your House Online Just Got Easier

If you’re looking to make a quick sale on your house, you’ve come to the right place. If it’s your first time selling a house online, remember a few key points for total online safety, and a great value deal for everyone, every time:

  • Be detailed. You’re writing about something quite substantial, a house. Don’t just list information. You’re text should engage, inform and inspire a buyer to want to pursue a deal, so be sure you’re leaving a quality first impression.
  • Don’t be unrealistic with your asking price – potential buyers will often discount an overpriced listing on sight. Do your homework, ensuring what you’re asking is reflective of the market figures.
  • Capture their attention with photos. Guaranteed to capture interest and land you plenty of inquiries for viewings.