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A new dawn of used Cars market in Yangon, Myanmar

As the new government comes up with re-regulated and newly introduced rules and codes for the car import industry in Myanmar, there is sure to be turnovers happen in the car market especially in Yangon where the Main government authorities exist. Even after the new official dealers like Toyota, BMW and Ford have entered the market recently, most of the citizens in Myanmar are still relying on other individual or business importers for used cars. According to the new rules and regulations, it is currently forbidden to import more cars to solve the heavy traffic jams currently happening in Yangon. So if people want to buy used cars, people will just have to browse from the car pool that is already in this country. Where do people go to buy used cars in this country? Of course they will have to make contact with brokers and agencies to find what they are looking for but what most people missing is that there is another source to look up for used cars, with no cost and service charge at all. People come to not just to buy stuff, but also sell things they don’t want or anymore. You can also look up for different kinds of car listings, new or used, with different price sets.

Types of cars suitable for travelling within Yangon

As most of the roads in Yangon are well built and suitable for speed driving, people look for luxury sedans and sports cars for use in the city. Some also go for smaller and eco-friendly ones likes Honda Fit and Suzuki Swift to overcome the problems of heavy traffic and lack of parking space. At the same time, as Yangon is a capital where economy flourish and lots of people do business, commercial vans and trucks like Toyota Probox and Hyundai trucks are also widely demanded by buyers. However, people rarely look up for heavy weight off road vehicles like Ford ranger and Toyota Hilux. Whatever you are looking for, you can find them all on, both in new or used stage, easily with no cost. Of all the vehicles available on, the following are several of the hottest in the Yangon used car market:

  • Honda Fit:First choice of family guys because of its compact size, less fuel consumption and still pack a good space for a family ride. This subcompact car is suitable for city driving. Packed mostly with a 1.5 liter engine and can still offer an incredible cargo space which makes it really famous among old and young drivers. There are several different models available on, raging from 2007 model up to 2014 models. Price can be raging from 110 Lks to 125 Lks, depending on the year, mileage and the car’s condition.
  • Toyota Probox:This 5-Seater commercial van was imported to Myanmar around 2012. Due to its fuel efficiency and cheap price, it is widely used in Myanmar as Taxi vehicles and as other commercial vehicles. The most attractive feature of this car is the rigidity where it allows owner to take on ridiculous hauling missions. The price for a used Probox varies from 100 Lks to 120 Lks.
  • Toyota Caldina:The predecessor of famous Toyota Corona and Carina, this wagon type urban vehicles also come with four-wheel drive train system. Available in different models and years while the GT-Four model is the latest both in design and technical aspects. While being a station wagon, the GT-Four Caldina still packs a 2.0 Liter engine, suitable for cruising.

  • Purchasing a used car within Yangon through online

    When you have decided to buy a car through, you are saving not just time but also time and a good method to avoid headaches as you won’t need to meet with brokers or third party people anymore. Firstly, you just have to choose the vehicle brand, model, year and price range. And then with those specifications, you look up for the best car listing available on After finding the right one, you just have to make contact to the seller via phone call, SMS or Email. And then you make an appointment with the seller, inspect the vehicle, make a test drive if you need to and negotiate the deal. If both sides come to point where they agreed on, close the deal and it’s done. Just need to drive your new ride to your home. For the best purchasing experience on, read our tips and hints on how to make the best dealing.

    Selling a used car in Yangon from online

    It was always a headache on selling your used car. The involvement of the brokers and third party agencies cut your share of the deal and also it is a bit hard to find the real interested buyers for your car. But now it is never easier than before. Just by having a mobile phone and internet connection, you can sell your car right away online with total zero cost at all. Take several pictures of your cars from different angles, write a good description, about all the specifications and detail about your car and then just upload it to as a free listing. All you have to do now is just lay back, relax and wait for the time to get contacted from people those interested in your car. It is easy, simple and free. Take a look at our guide on how to sell fast for the best online selling experience.