100s of Apartments & Flats Classifieds in Yangon

In the past twenty years, Yangon has transformed itself into one of the most forward-focused and expanding cities in Myanmar. The capital is home to over 5 million people, making housing at a premium. If you're new to the city, it can be tricky deciding on the best postcode to suit your budget. At Ads.com.mm, it's straightforward and simple to find tailor-made property listings affordable to every budget. Whether you're looking for a basic condo flat for functional living, or a designer studio tailor-made to your routine, it's easy to find exactly what you're looking for with a user-friendly search platform, putting you in touch with hundreds of sellers and landlords across the Myanmar capital and beyond.


Finding a Property for Rent or Sale in the Yangon

Search from thousands of new listings and get instant results at Ads.com.mm. You can find bargain roomrates in shared accommodation, or discover a dream home right on your door step in the capital, with all the amenities, designer finishes, and square footage you've been dreaming about. Before you sign on the dotted line and finalize a contract, always ask yourself a few key questions about the property in question before going ahead:

  • Location is crucial. Especially important if you don't own your own transport, the location of your new abode can be a big factor to consider. If you're too far from local public transport links and central areas of the city, it mightn't be worth the real estate savings. That being said, expect to pay more for the convenience.
  • Does the space work for you? Go for optimized interiors and extended square footage where you can, and make sure every apartment is designed to comfortably accommodate everyone who'll be living there. If you're purchasing a property, consider what adjustments you might be able to make.
  • Assess the overall condition of the property and be thorough. Get an idea of the building's history, and bring in a third-party contractor from an agency for rigorous testing and inspections to make sure any process defects and costly problems waiting to be uncovered aren't lurking.
  • Know when to identify a scam. Avoid obviously suspicious listings, and always avoid giving out your payment info to strangers online. Always establish you're dealing with a legitimate seller before parting with any cash, and ensure contracts are signed and approved before committing.

Flats & Apartments in the Capital of Myanmar

Yangon itself is one of the largest regions in Myanmar, with the city's four distinct districts taking up some 600 kilometres of land. Home to some of the most historic monuments and sites in Myanmar, it's capital is an essential destination, for both tourism and those seeking long-term living in the emerging capital that's seeing accelerated growth and expansion like never before. As with any capital city, the designer postcode comes at a cost, but rental prices can still be reasonable, even in the heart of town or with five-star apartments with a stunning view.

  • 1 Bedroom Apartments: For the most basic in apartments, you can find 1 bedroom flats for rent from as little as 1,700 LKs in the heart of the city and its immediately surrounding districts, including places like Kamayut and Tamwe. Single room studios can also offer an affordable option to first-time buyers looking to buy into the area on a budget and basic starter loan.
  • Buying an Apartment: Looking for a long-term investment? It's easy to get a great deal on a new place in the capital of Myanmar, with prices starting from as little as a few hundred LKs for the most basic of accommodations. Search and view thousands of listings, with affordable properties in township postcodes and districts, including Seikkan, Lanmadaw, and Insein.

Selling Your Apartment in Yangon Just Got Easier Than Ever

First-time seller? Don’t worry. At Ads.com.mm, we’ve made it easier than ever for users to list their apartments and properties to thousands of potential buyers across their region. Save countless hours chasing up individual buyer queries, and set a price that works with you. Then it’s just a case of waiting until the offers come in. If you’re new to the world of real estate, make sure your listing makes the most impact with a first-rate classified designed to really sell your home. Stick to a few seller tips and tricks for guaranteed success:

  • Make immediate impact with first-rate photos. A quality image gallery can help apartments sell more quickly. Make sure your images are all professionally composed and well shot, and indicate relevant features and dimensions of each and every room.
  • Show off special features and hidden benefits. If a building boasts innovative design features that are worth boasting about, make sure they’re capitalized upon in the description. Be as detailed as you like in key areas, like the kitchen, bathrooms and specially-fitted spaces and areas.
  • Give your apartment a sale bonus. If you’re looking to make a sale more quickly, it’s easy to engage more potential buyers with exclusive sale discounts and special offers. Selling a home ready furnished saves buyers a lot of time and additional investment.