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High Heel Women's Shoes, Yangon Region
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Look for the best deals of lady shoes and slippers in Myanmar

Ever since fashion is becoming a more important thing in people’s everyday life, wearing shoes isn’t only for the purpose of protecting the feet from the ground and the dirt, but it also somehow becomes a way to express who you are and with your own taste of style. Not just for walking purposes, there are also different kinds of shoes and slippers for various activities like doing sport, produced specially only for women and girls. Raging from ordinary slippers to expensive high heels, whereas each kind being different from one another in price depending on the brand, design and quality. Myanmar people are understanding better on the part of the shoe in their overall fashion styles. Young women and girls are looking out for more shoes which aren't just cheap, but also they are looking for different quality, designs and styles. Most people buy their shoes and slippers directly from local shops and sometimes from supermarkets. But just buying new shoes and slippers is not the only way to fit up yourself with fabulous fashion styles. You can look up for used shoes and slippers on Ads.com.mm, No.1 Free Classified Website in Myanmar which are less expensive than a brand new one, but still retain the quality and condition to make you shine bright. Trainers, mule, wedge, clogs, flats, spike heel, boots, loafers and more types of lady foot wears are available in both new and used condition on ads.com.mm. 

Wearing a once worn shoe is not harmful, if it's done the right way

Some people are disgusted to wear something that is used by another person. They think it might transmit diseases and also might has an effect on their hygiene. Actually, it is not true if you sanitize them properly before you wear them. Shoes and slippers can easily be sanitized by using some sanitizing sprays even just by washing them thoroughly in some cases. After that, you can even use insoles if you still have doubts about hygiene. Apart from no need to worry about health related problems, purchasing used shoes also help you save your money which you can use in other cases. Branded shoes like Charles and Keith, Gucci, DKNY, Heatwave and Bata can be found on Ads.com.mm with a bit cheaper price depending on their condition. Also, if you are looking for some unusual foot wears like trainers, golf shoes or soccer shoes for lady, ads.com.mm is the best place to look up for a used one with a fair deal.

Buying a woman's shoe on ads.com.mm

Purchasing fashion stuff online is now being done by lots of people. By buying items from online, people don't have to go from shop to shop, from supermarket to supermarket to see which items are available for sale. There is less cost in time, money and energy. On Ads.com.mm, all the information of the product is given in the description so the buyer can decide whether it is a fair deal or not. There are also brand new foot wears with lesser price than outside which are on sale for various reasons. If you have found a lady shoes or a women's sport wear on ads.com.mm that you are interested, you just need to contact the seller and negotiate the deal. When both sides have agreed on the deal, just meet at somewhere public and complete the transaction. There are several points to make sure that you had purchased a good product with a fair price. If the shoes you are buying are really expensive, make sure that they are authentic. Look up on the internet about how to check the brand that you are buying is authentic or not. Also check for defects and worn parts for that you could prevent them from getting worse. This might even give you a chance to bargain the price with the seller! Try on and make some hops and jogs around for sport wears like trainers to see if it fits you perfectly or not. Or else you might end up buying a product that you aren't really comfortable at all. For a satisfied purchasing experience on ads.com.mm, please read our tips on how to buy a product online safely.

Selling your old shoes and slippers on ads.com.mm

Fashion wears get easily outdated even before you notice that. And by the time you have found out about that, for example, your favorite high heel shoe has already turned into an antique, you surely won't be wearing it anymore. These could be lots of such shoes and slippers those are still in good condition. They might be put up in card boxes which will take up space in your home. And also they are the cash that is just stored away. Why don't you turn them back to money so you can spend on something else? Sell them on ads.com.mm. It is fast, free and easy to use. Just take lots of pictures of the shoe or slipper you want to sell from many angles. Then upload them to ads.com.mm with the price you want to sell. Write the description briefly and honestly. State about the wears and tears if there is any. Please also keep in mind that you should put a reasonable price that is fair for both of you and the buyer. If you want to sell your slippers and shoes fast, please read our tips and hints on how to sell your products fast.