Video Games & Consoles in Ivory Coast

Like in the rest of the world, video games are becoming increasingly popular in Myanmar. Whether you're an fan of the Playstation 4, the X-BOX 360 or the Nintendo Wii, you can find on the Internet a variety of consoles available everywhere in Myanmar. The Burmese buy more and more games every year and can now very easily satisfy their passion thanks to an ever growing offer of games available on multiple devices. 

Whether you are a fan of sports, racing, fighting games or first person shooter, chances are high that you will find what the genre you like on the Internet. One of the reasons for the success of this form of entertainment is the level of technical excellence that some products have reached, easing the immersion of the player in the story. Lately, games like FIFA 15, Call of Duty or Dark Souls II received positive reviews thanks to the quality of their graphics.


A large selection of consoles available in Myanmar

Whether you want to purchase your first console or whether you are looking for a new one able to provide you with the best gaming experience, classifieds are a great place to find used and new products at the best prices. Each ad is thoroughly verified by our team to ensure safe sale or purchase. Our site brings together the best game consoles, including:

  • The Nintendo Wii, with its famous Nintendo productions like Mario Kart and Smash Bros, and games relying on whole body tracking technology such as Wii Sports.
  • The famous Playstation 4 and its games with high-definition graphics. 
  • Portable consoles like the PSP or the Playstation Vita

Whether you like to play alone or with friends, on a home console or a portable device, video games companies have so many products that it is impossible not to find something to satisfy the requirements of experienced players and novices alike.


Find the best video games on classifieds websites

Buying used games is a good way to save money. The latest games released and the classics that have marked the history of consoles can be found online for prices as low as 1,000 Ks. For many Burmese gamers, it is a much more convenient option than going to physical stores, especially for those living outside of big urban areas like Yangon or Mandalay.

One of the most popular games in Myanmar is Clash of Clan, a freemium MMO strategy game. Classifieds are a great place for players to sell their COC account for interesting prices. 

This strategy game, developed by Supercell, is available for mobile and tablet on the iOS platform, Google Play, but also on PC. 

PC games are still one of the most popular in Myanmar and in the rest of the world, and continue to coexist next to console games.  Games such as Half-Life, Portal or GTA can be purchased at reduced prices on the Internet. 

You will also be able to find all the necessary accessories:

  • Gamepads, wireless or not
  • Memory cards
  • Gaming headsets and earphones