Myanmar, the land with demand for all types of transportation

Myanmar is a country which has different kinds of terrain and geographical structures. A lot of rivers and stream run along the country and also has a long stretching line of beaches on the South West part of the country. Ranges of mountains and harsh environments exist on the upper part and North East of the nation whereas muddy and steep routes lie. In the middle are the plain flat fields with lots of dust and sometimes stony routes. Still yet, most of the cities are well developed with well paved roads offering speed travel. Different types of terrain and routes therefore demand various kinds of vehicles for use in all around the country. Motorcycles are favored for being rigid and fast in mountainous regions like Shan State and Kachin State but also preferred by other regions with flat terrain such as Mandalay, Bago, Mon and Sagaing. Also 4 Wheel Drive cars and trucks are also widely used in those regions. Since rivers and streams run around the country, different kinds of boats and water crafts are also widely used for the mean of transportation. Luxurious rides and commercial vehicles are also being demanded highly by the people who live in large cities like Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyidaw and Taunggyi.  Various kinds of vehicles also need different spare parts and maintenance equipment, hence the vehicle accessories market is somehow large in Myanmar.

Vehicles market in Myanmar

Most of the vehicles, especially cars and motorbikes, are used or second hand ones. The new vehicles are rarely imported so if you are looking forward to buy a vehicle, best place to dive into the pool of the used vehicle market. Each region and city has their own unique locations where people meet to buy and sell their second hand vehicles. This is mostly common for cars, motorbikes, trucks and vans. For other vehicles like boats and commercial vehicles, such kind of places isn’t still widely available. But at online, there is a place to find any kind of vehicles, in used or new condition, with the best deals. is the No.1 Free Classified Website in Myanmar where people buy and sell their items, including vehicles for free. You can find all sorts of vehicles sold here with different ranges of model, brand and price. Following types of vehicles can be found at our website,

Cars: The main type of vehicle when concerning with land transportation. Sedan, coupe, SUVs, wagon, convertible, luxury, compact, sport, crossover, hatchback, various types depending on their basic structures and frameworks. Different types of car come with different brands such as Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Ford and Hyundai. Also, you can look up with model such as Honda Fit, Toyota Belta, Toyota Mark II, Nissan GTR or Honda Civic. 

Motorbikes and Scooters: Most abundant type of vehicles in the middle region of the country. Favored by riders according to low fuel-consumption than a car and also a lot lesser price.  Most of the motorbikes and scooters are only sold in regions like Mandalay, Shan, Mon, Kayin and Kachin but also available in some rural areas of Yangon State. From a simple Suzuki Smash bike to an awesome Honda Super 4 bike, different brands and models of motorbikes and scooters can be found on, both in new or used condition. 

Vans, trucks and commercial vehicles: they can be seen all around the country for means of transportation of either goods or passengers. Large retailers like Hyundai and Mitsubishi have also entered the countries but most of the vehicles that are being operated in the field are used ones. Other commercial and industrial vehicles like forklifts, big rigs and others can also be found on 

Boats and Watercraft: There never was a market place situated only for selling and buying boats and water crafts. Ships, river ferries, jet skis, cargo buoys and other types of water transportation vehicles can also be found on

Car parts and accessories: Every machinery runs on parts and gears which run down as time goes on. Spare parts for not just for cars but also for other types for vehicles can also be found on Accessories for better efficiency, decoration and entertainment systems are also found selling on

Selling your used vehicle on

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