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Televisions for sale in Myanmar

Myanmar's economy is growing stronger every year, which comes with an increase in the consumption of home appliances, including TV sets, DVD players and other video devices. In recent years, there has been a remarkable evolution of the electronics market in Myanmar, with a rising demand of flat screen TVs, eased by the price decrease of such home appliances.

Today there is a wide variety of TV brands on the electronics market,  the most common being Samsung, Sony, LG or Toshiba. This strong competition has the advantage of lowering the prices for products that have a lot of functionalities and interesting specs, whether you prefer a LCD or a plasma screen.


LED, plasma or LCD TV?

HDTVs have become more accessible in the recent years and have wiped off the cathodic monitors. Today there are 3 major types of monitors yo0u can choose from:

  • LCD screens (Liquid Crystal Displays) were the first type of flat screens introduced on the TV market. They are the cheapest of the 3 and offer a good image quality, although not as detailed as a plasma screen.
  • LED TVs (Light Emitting Diode) are more recent and  pricier than LCD screens. They are of two types: “full-arrays” offer the best contrast ratios and are more expensive, while “edge-lits” are cheaper and lighter, but with a lower image quality.
  • Plasma screens offer the best image quality and are of course more expensive. While these will give you the best image, they are also very energy-consuming.

We should also mention 3D screens, one of the latest addition to the world of television. While few people in Myanmar possess one of these at home, they might become the norm in a few years when the prices lower.


Where to buy a TV set in Myanmar?

Today it is possible to buy a television screen at an affordable price, either to connect it to the Burmese TV channels or simply to a computer, for instance to play video games on a large screen, thanks to the standard HDMI output. With online classifieds, buying used products allows you to find even cheaper products, which is ideal if you are looking for a very large screen for instance. 

Obviously, Yangon, as the capital city, has a lot to offer when it comes to TV sets, blu-ray players or even home cinemas. Mandalay also has a lot of electronics stores with a large offer.   


What is the average price of televisions in Myanmar?

The average price for the acquisition of a television screen varies between 40,000 Ks and 20 Lks, depending on the brand and the year of manufacture. DVD players can be found for about 50,000 Ks.  If you are a seller, you can upload your ad for free on Ads.com.mm and sell your TV at a good price, and then purchase another on the same platform. 

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