Booming market of training courses in Myanmar

As Myanmar becomes more open to the world, citizens soon realize that they need to learn harder and train new skills to become more competitive in today’s fast moving world. Enormously in IT fields, different kinds of training courses and institutes were opened during the last few years. Basic computer skills, Microsoft office trainings, Photoshop classes, digital design classes, network engineering courses, sever management courses, all the both of software and hardware related trainings were opened across the country, especially in large cities like Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyitaw. Not only educational trainings emerged, but also other trainings and courses related to sport, music, art and health were also opened. As Myanmar people became more aware of the importance of a balanced life, they started attending the best available classes such as yoga, management, language, boxing, etc. Some establishments like gyms and sport centers don’t just provide equipment and space anymore. They also start offering special training courses with a personal trainer. Attending just a random class is not much of a problem, but finding a good one in the field you want to enroll is a headache. Since the internet is easily available now in Myanmar and also most classes and training courses advertise and host about themselves, it is a good decision to start looking for the right one from online. Best of all, should be the first place that you should look up when you are searching for a certain type of training course. is the No. (1) Free Classified website in Myanmar where people can advertise for free. People don’t just buy and sell stuff on our website, but also businesses post about their services and classes too. You can just browse through the thousands of training courses and when you have found the one you are looking for, just give them a call for enrollment or inquiry. Among the different kind of classes found on the, the following are the most common and recognizable classes:

Educational training courses: courses mainly concerned with learning, progress and career development. For examples like; LCCI, IELTS entrance training, marketing principles, MBA, ABE, English 4 skills, Korean speaking, CCNA networking, Windows Sever operation training, etc. Vocational trainings like vehicle repairing, sewing, baking, floral service, bartender, waiter service can also be found on

Sports and fitness related training courses: Boxing, Karate, Judo, Arkido, football, swimming, tennis, badminton, yoga, aerobic, gym training, anything kind of training related to a sport or a fitness related topic. You can find both in-house and open or public courses available on

Music and art related training courses: Being different from others and if you are interested only in art and music, is still the best place to find the related classes and courses. Guitar, keyboard, violin, drums, singing, percussions, painting, creative art, etc. There could be more diverse categories in each type as for example like lead, bass, hollow and classical in guitar courses.

Professional fields related courses: There are also courses and classes specialized in respective fields such as welding, accounting, safety management, lathe machine operation, workshop skills etc. 

Searching for training courses online

As today is an age of technology, most of the businesses respect the point that people are using online more and more in their daily lives. Same for searching and inquiring information, whereas people tends to look up for online for the information they need since it is time effective and cost lesser. By searching for the classes you want to attend on, you can find different kinds of available courses with each own’s unique offer. You can also look up based on location and see which course is closer to your home, applying convenience. 

Advertising your course or class online

There is almost no business that doesn’t advertise about it online. Everyone is doing that, but you have to choose the right channel or platform to do it or else it will just be another waste. On, there are hundreds of people searching for the courses and classes. And also it is free, easy and simple to advertise about your business. Totally zero cost. You just need to take a picture of your institute’s logo or the signboard of your class, a brief written description with all the detail about the training and course that you are conducting and with a contact number for people to inquire about your class. Within two minutes, you can increase the enrollment to your courses with no cost at all.