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Tablets in Myanmar: an essential accessory

Tablet computers lie between smartphones and personal computers as they are larger than a phone but typically consist of just one large flat multi-touch screen, with the occasional additional keyboard that can be plugged into it. Just like a PC, they allow to access the web by WiFi or 3G for those which include LTE capabilities. Finally, most tablets in Myanmar come with a camera built in which makes them convenient to take pictures or to be used as recording devices.

They became popular worldwide at the beginning of the 2010s after the first tablet, the iPad from Apple, was launched in April 2010. In Myanmar though, they are not near as popular as smartphones and mobile phones, but their popularity increases with each passing year. Apple and Samsung are the most popular brands among Burmese and are the easiest to find on the market. Other actors such as Asus, Sony, Microsoft or Lenovo offer good quality tablets, while Chinese brands Huawei or Xiaomi offer really affordable alternatives.

Tablet market Myanmar: Where to buy a tablet?

Yangon is definitely the place with the most options when it comes to buying computers or tablets. Physical stores like Technoland or Citycom can be found everywhere in the city and carry devices from various prices.

If you don’t live in Yangon or do not have a shop nearby in your city then another brilliant option is buying a tablet device online. Getting a tablet online offers multiple advantages: easier price comparison, more choice of tablets and home delivery. It is an ideal solution if you live in a smaller city or in a remote area.

Most popular tablets in Myanmar

Which tablet should you buy? Purchasing a tablet in Myanmar can be a big investment. Tablet prices in Myanmar lie between 65,000 Ks to 800,000 Ks. Buying a tablet requires some thinking to define what your needs and requirements are.

The newest tablets are also the most popular models among Burmese:

  • The iPad 2017: the latest of the iPad serie, also referred to as iPad 9.7-inch or iPad 5th generation. Although the name might be a little confusing, this tablet is considered one of the best on the market. The iPad 2017 comes with a great price tag. It is more powerful than the iPad Air 2 while retaining the screen size of the iPad Air line of tablets. Its overall dimensions and weight is more similar to the original iPad Air.

  • The iPad Pro: this tablet out of the iPad serie is considered one of the most popular on the market. It features a 12.9 inch screen and has been one of the best tablets on the market since it was launched. Its popularity in Myanmar has grown ever since it was available on the market.

  • The iPad Air: is the thinnest from Apple, it was released in 2013 and can be found online for about 3,70 LKs for 32GB. Other models like the iPad mini offer the same quality in a smaller format: Retina display, multi-touch technology and one of the best graphics performance.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab is also a high-end tablet with comparable prices (about 3.70 LKs), but it runs on Android like the rest of the Samsung products

  • The Huawei Mediapad is a cheaper option, at around 100,000 Ks, and offers a 1080 FHP resolution for a 8” display.

It is important to think about the operating system you want before buying a tablet. Most tablets run on Android, a system which offers a large selection of apps on the Google Play Store. This includes major brands like Lenovo, Asus, Acer or Samsung. The App store for iOS also has a great amount of apps, however tablets running on other OS like Windows or Blackberry tablets have less options. If you need a particular app, make sure it is available on the OS before you buy. In addition to the device, some accessories can prove useful: protecting the screen with a screen protector and the tablet with a case is the best way to ensure its durability and keep it in a good state. This is a great thing to do especially if you plan to resell your device after a year or two to buy a more recent model. Other tablet accessories can improve the comfort of use: if you need to write a lot, you might want to buy a keyboard which can be easily plugged in your tablet. A touch pen is useful if you’re a fan of handwriting or even drawing.


Tablet prices Myanmar: How to find cheap tablets?

To get the best deals on tablet prices, buying second hand is always a win! Whether you are looking for a brand new tablet or a cheaper older model, buying a second hand tablet in Myanmar is a great solution to save some money. Classifieds are a great way to buy and sell online for tablet prices much lower than in physical stores.

On Ads.com.mm, you can find professional or private sellers offering new or used tablets on great prices. You can easily compare the tablet prices and conduct your transaction as you please. When buying a second hand tablet, make sure of its current condition. Some chipping on the frame can be expected, but a damaged screen can ruin the usability and repairing can cost a lot of money. The battery life of the tablet should also be indicated by the seller, otherwise don’t hesitate to contact and ask him. If you follow this simple advice, you will easily find a good deal on tablets in your region in Myanmar.

Selling your old and used tablet on a classifieds website is an excellent idea to make some extra money and use it to buy a new tablet model.