Mi 6 Black - Myanmar (Burma)
Mi 6 Black Smartphones & Mobile Phones, Mingalar Taungnyunt
4.35 LKs
Redmi 5 - Myanmar (Burma)
Redmi 5 Smartphones & Mobile Phones, Mayangon
1.60 LKs
Xiaomi mi4A - Myanmar (Burma)
Xiaomi mi4A Smartphones & Mobile Phones, Pyay
65,000 Ks
Xiaomi - Myanmar (Burma)
Xiaomi Smartphones & Mobile Phones, Botahtaung
1.60 LKs

Xiaomi Phones: the stars of classifieds in Myanmar

Xiaomi smartphones are some of the technically most advanced phones in the world and this Chinese manufacturer is the fifth best selling smartphone company. Their sales are at present mainly concentrated on the Asian market which is probably something of a relief to the other major manufacturers who must be constantly looking over their shoulders in anticipation of this company mounting a global sales challenge.

Buying Xiaomi Phones in Myanmar

In Myanmar,Xiaomi phones are readily available and many cell phone users will be wondering whether this brand is a viable alternative to offerings from the likes of Apple, Samsung, LG etc. Xiaomi phones are packed with features along with very powerful processors and any buyer for whom performance is the top priority should certainly consider this brand.

Popular models of Xiaomi phones in Myanmar

Full details and specifications can easily be found online and some models worthy of consideration include:

  • The Redmi Note (1/2/3) - 5.5" screen, 1080 HD.
  • The Mi 4/4i/4c - A mid-range smartphone, the Mi 4C outperforms the Google Nexus 5X but costs around half the price.
  • The Mi 5 - The new flagship model
  • The Mi Note (see below for more details)

The technical specification of all models is impressive and, taking the Mi Note as an example, a Snapdragon 64-bit octa-core processor with 4 GB of RAM gives power and speed. The 5.7" screen has a 2560 x 1440 resolution (1.7 x 1080p HD) and an exceptional 1400:1 contrast ratio. The 13 MP rear camera has an advanced image stabilisation system and ultra-fast auto-focus. The 4MP front camera is perfect for video calls and lovers of "selfies" will welcome the "Beautify" feature which automatically estimates the age and gender of the subject and applies up to 36 filters to enhance the image. All of this comes in an ultra-thin case just 6.95 mm thick. A 3000 mAH battery provides up to 10 hours of video playback and top quality Hi-Fi audio is included. Of course some people may even wish to use their mobile to make phone calls and they have not been forgotten. Dual SIM , both with 4G capability helps to keep work and leisure calls separate and also can extend the reception range. Reception in the middle of Yangon may not be a problem but a weekend trip in the mountains may benefit from a choice of SIMs to keep in touch. The operating system is basically a customised version of Android with the "Miui" overlay designed specifically for these phones.

Which prices for a Xiaomi?

Buying new should present no problems either in-store or online but by checking the classifieds, some real bargains, including unlocked handsets, can be found. Buying unseen can be risky and the best advice is to inspect condition before purchasing. Checking the online listings gives a good indication of prices. The Redmi range are attractively priced and a midrange Mi 4i 64GB currently sells for around 2.30 LKs. Higher spec versions fetch higher prices and whereas a Note 2 may be priced at around 1.25LKs, a Note 3 32 GB may be priced at around 2.05 LKs. Obviously price is a major factor but generally speaking a high spec model will hold its price better.

Selling your phone online

When the time does come to resell, the simplest way is once again to turn to the classifieds and by advertising online a wide range of potential buyers can be reached.