Xiomi Mi 5x - Myanmar (Burma)
Xiomi Mi 5x Smartphones & Mobile Phones, Pabedan
2.20 LKs
Samsung J5 pro - Myanmar (Burma)
Samsung J5 pro Smartphones & Mobile Phones, Pazundaung
2.10 LKs
Samsung note 4 - Myanmar (Burma)
Samsung note 4 Smartphones & Mobile Phones, Pabedan
1.70 LKs

Find the Best Samsung Phones in Myanmar for the Best Prices

Samsung have established themselves as one of the most reputable and innovative mobile phone manufacturers, rivaling Apple's iPhone with their flagship Galaxy cellphone range, cementing their place as one of the market leaders. With such a wide range of phones on ads.com.mm, there's no shortage of smartphone models to choose from. Whether you're after an android smartphone on a budget or the latest smartphone at a competitive price to the major retailers, you're sure to find the perfect phone for you on the list of classifieds in Yangon on ads.com.mm.

Most Popular Samsung phones in Myanmar

Samsung is a brand with a diverse product range, offering luxury phones that are technologically groundbreaking with all of the latest specs as well as a range of great value smartphones that have all of the essential features for a budget price. Here are a few of the most popular models on ads.com.mm:

  • S6: A stunning, elegantly designed phone with plenty of great features, including dual sim technology, a 16 megapixel camera with a f1.9 aperture that enables to take fantastic pictures even in low lighting, the S6 is a relatively new device on the market, having launched in 2015, but is a. The S6 is available in 32gb and 64gb versions, with pricing starting at 4.75LKs for the 32gb model and 6.80 LKs for the 64gb model. The preceding Galaxy model, the S5 is available for as little as 2.35 LKs.
  • Note4 : The Note4 is a high-end cellphone notable for its 5.7" AMOLED display screen. The wide, high resolution screen makes the phone perfect for organising your business life, viewing documents, and even recreational tasks like watching videos and reading eBooks. It features high speed internet access via 3G and wi-fi as well as the advanced S pen that allows users to write on the screen. The Note 4 is available for as little as 4.30LKs and its predecessor, the Note 3 can be purchased from 2.85LKs.
  • Grand prime: The Grand prime is one of the most reasonably priced Android smartphones, being available from 1.20LKs. Despite this, it still packs plenty of great features, including a high resolution 5.0" screen, 1gb of RAM and an 8mp camera.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: introduced recently, this new Flagship phone of Samsung is to fight off the large market occupation of Apple. Mainly a rival to iPhone 7, the S7 Edge comes with a unique curved edge body structure, which cannot be seen on any other brand or even in its most of the models. This model is well-round perfect in most factors such as Camera, processor and other powerful features such as fingerprint scanners and display resolution.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 : One of the Samsung’s most famous series, the Note 5 is aimed to be the best by analyzing the user experience and data gained from its predecessors, Note 3 and Note 4. Comes with a large screen display of 5.7”, the Note 5 excels in both processing and style. The stylus also provides more useful features which makes it the most suitable phone model for designers and art creation related personnel.Buying a SIM card in Myanmar

Buying a Samsung Phone

One of the benefits of buying a phone through ads.com.mm is that you can find great deals near you that can save you money when compared to buying from a major phone shop or retailer. You can also negotiate with sellers for even better prices and are not liable to pay any kind of transaction fee. However, there are some important factors to consider when buying a phone second-hand. It is important to check with the seller if the battery life is still healthy and, if not, whether you are able to purchase a replacement. You should also check whether accessories such as chargers and headsets are sold with the phone, or if you will need to purchase these separately.

Selling Your Phone online

If you are thinking of selling your phone, it is important to make your listing stand out with so manyclassifieds for phones in Yangon on ads.com.mm. It is important to lay out the information about your phone clearly, including the brand, model, condition, and whatever accessories you are selling with the phone. You should also have several clear accompanying pictures that show the phone from different angles and honestly highlight any marks, scratches, or general wear and tear.