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Is Motorola a Good Phone for Myanmar Consumers? Can I Buy One from Classifieds?

Motorola is a trusted phone provider for Myanmar consumers. This provider was the originator of the mobile phone and the company was the forerunner in setting up the systems and technologies which are now recognised around the world. You can buy a variety of Android devices new or opt for pre-used models from classifieds. Motorola phones are available from retail outlets, with the top Myanmar supplier being Sylffon Synergy based in Yangon. Alternatively, you can buy your phones and accessories from online suppliers such as or check out the classifieds at if you're looking for a used cell phone in good condition.

Popular Phone Models

Some of the most popular models on the market include:

  • Droid
  • Razr
  • Nexus
  • Moto X
  • Moto G
  • Moto 360
Examples of prices for brand new phones include the Moto G in black 2014 model at 270,000 Ks. If you decide to buy a used phone you can expect to pay about 2.80LKs for the Motorola Nexus 6 in black with 32GB memory and 100,000Ks for the Droid Razr with 16GB memory.

Buying Online

You can buy your smartphone online from recognised suppliers like or purchase an unlocked mobile from Here you can source all the best deals in your locality and it's easy to buy and sell safely online. You can pick up great deals when you shop wisely in the classifieds, lots of people like to upgrade their mobile phone just as soon as new models are released and quickly sell their outdated model to raise cash. Just so long as you check that the cell phone you are buying is in good condition and unlocked, you could benefit from a fantastic bargain. Before making any offer to buy a used cell phone, check out just how much it costs to buy the product new. If the phone is only a year old it's still going to be on the market so you can compare prices. You also need to ensure you get all the accessories with your second hand mobile phone and that everything works fine.

Selling Motorola phones online

You can sell your old cell phone online with, too. You will find it's easy to sell your old Droid, Nexus, Razr or Moto X via classifieds, these popular phones will sell quickly in any Myanmar location. Take time to list all the accessories you are offering with your cell phone and take great photos so the buyers can see exactly what they are bidding on and what kind of condition the device is in. When buyers get in touch with you make sure you respond to their queries quickly and in full details and you'll find it's an easy matter to sell your device and upgrade to the latest model.