LG G5 - Myanmar (Burma)
LG G5 Smartphones & Mobile Phones, Yangon
2.10 LKs
LG G3 Gold - Myanmar (Burma)
LG G3 Gold Smartphones & Mobile Phones, East Dagon
1.50 LKs
LG G3 16 GB - Myanmar (Burma)
LG G3 16 GB Smartphones & Mobile Phones, Tamwe
1.20 LKs

Discover thousands of LG phone classifieds in Myanmar

If you're over your iPhone, or looking to ditch your Blackberry, LG offers the perfect alternative with a premium range of designer handsets, ergonomically shaped with user-friendly features and innovative technologies that have helped put the brand at the forefront of the market. LG handsets are among the most popular in Myanmar today, with accelerated growth in the capital city, Yangon, and hotspots nationwide. Browse hundreds of new classifieds every day, and grab the latest smartphone at a great price, including G3 and G4, G Pro, and the premium-range handset, Nexus 5.


Get the most popular smartphone models

When you're looking for an android phone, LG is the go-to for phones with user-friendly features, ergonomic handset design, and superior sound and video playback and recording. Shop 100s of dual sim mobile phones designed for twin tariffs and uninterrupted communication, wherever you are in the world. Discover the latest handsets including:

  • G4: The G4 showcases LG's signature attention to detail, with an ergonomic handset expertly designed to cater to everyday needs and requirements you hadn't even thought of yet. Easily connected to your other devices and tech, the G4 keeps data central, and streamlines communications.
  • G Pro: Take the next step in smartphone usage with the G Pro, an easy to use handset that boasts a quality selection of user-friendly apps, premium playback features, and everyday value that can't be beat.
  • Nexus 5: Enjoy professional features and a premium finish, with a smartphone that's perfect for business and keeping on schedule. With crystal clear HD displays and precision settings and controls, this next-gen mobile is an essential.

Things to consider when buying used or new phones online

Make sure you know exactly what you're ordering when shopping online for your new phone. The best online sellers will provide detailed product information, listing all key specs and details for the phones they're selling. Never trust a product listing without an image, and always check that the product description matches with what's in the image.

  • Storage & Memory: If you love taking photos and shooting videos on your mobile, make sure you're buying a phone with plenty of on-board memory. Ensure smooth playback of the latest 2015 software releases, with better processors and device performance.
  • Battery Life: One of the most crucial factors when buying a new phone. Cut out the hassle of having to recharge several times of day with innovative devices designed to stretch battery life for longer.
  • Online: Get online, wherever you are, with 3G phones and Wi-Fi enabled connections giving you access instantly. Buy the latest handsets and smartphones for the best connection speeds, and turn your phone into an internet hotspot in moments.
  • Accessories: It's best to check whether your phone comes with all the necessary essentials. Always ensure your new phone includes a charger/adapter, and take advantage of sellers offering great discounts on cell phone bundles and optional accessories.

Get the best price when selling your phone

It can be tricky to demand a good price when selling your secondhand phone or device, so follow a few key steps to ensure your item is looking its absolute best before you post your listing.

  • Cover Up: Keep mobiles and devices well protected with clip cases and touch screen films to keep scratches and everyday damage to an absolute minimum. Protective cases are cheap to buy and easy to apply, and make their cost back when it comes to selling on your mobile.
  • Take a Good Photograph: Great product copy is a necessity, but clear product imagery is an essential. Make sure you use the camera to explore as much of the product as possible, taking note of key features, USPs, and significant details a customer might be looking for. Always take photographs in a well it room against a plain background for a professional impression, and include as many detail shots as possible for the most accurate reflection of the item you're selling.
  • Honest Descriptions: When writing up your product listing, it can be tempting to overindulge by mentioning benefits and features that just aren't there. Don't drum up minor details of your mobile, and only include a feature or spec if your product offers it.