Find the latest HTC Phone classifieds in Myanmar

Apple and Blackberry might have long fought out for dominance of the cell phone market, but in recent years, the android has been snapping closely on their heels. HTC phones are among some of the most popular devices in everyday use today, with accelerated growth in sales and usage across Yangon andMyanmar. Search 100s of local classified ads for the latest android phones, including popular models like theOne M8 and One Mini. Enjoy the best extras and add-ons, new for 2015, at a price to suit every budget.  

Discover the most popular smartphones in Myanmar

An ideal alternative to the iPhone, HTC phones are the go-to for user-friendly apps, everyday performance, and the latest in cell phone innovation. It’s simple to shop 100s of used and new androids and popular handsets including:
  • One M9: The One M9 offers a beautifully crafted handset for optimum comfort and control, with a refined on-board processer for smoother running apps than ever before. Enjoy the best audio playback with BoomSound speakers with Dolby Surround, and take beautiful pictures with 4 megapixel front and rear-facing camera function.
  • Desire 816: Ideal for those after full-service smartphone and media functions, with 720p HD playback and a large 5.5 inch screen for optimum enjoyment of games, videos, and live streams. Offering plenty of on-board storage and pre-loaded features, the Desire 816 makes a great entry point to world of mid-level smartphones.
  • One Mini: The One Mini builds on the success of the original, with an even more compact design and lightweight construction that doesn’t compromise on screen-size, boasting a 4.3 inch touch screen with full 720p HD playback.

Things to consider when buying a HTC phone

It’s straightforward to find a favourite cell phone model, or discover great deals on the most popular handsets in Myanmar. Search online with device numbers for an exact match, or upgrade an outdated model to enjoy uninterrupted Wi-Fi and 3G signals for smooth media playback and hassle-free surfing online, wherever you are. Save money on designer handsets, with a fantastic range of exclusive deals on everything from dual sim devices, to flip-phones and retro-inspired mobiles. When buying a phone online, pay careful attention to a few crucial factors:
  • Battery Life & Storage: Great apps and features are all well and good, but ensure you’ve got the capacity for all those add-ons with enhanced on-board storage and ready access to the cloud.
  • Condition: Make sure you’re paying or quality when buying new and previously owned smartphones. Always check for clear, original photographs of products, letting you zoom in to scrutinize the finer details for quality assurance.
  • Accessories & Add-Ons: Check listings to ensure your new mobile or handset comes complete with chargers and essential add-ons.

Earn more when selling HTC phones

To ensure the best return possible when selling your old phone, make sure you take care of your handset from the moment it’s unpackaged and out of the box. Use a protective case and screen film to keep scuffs and scratches to an absolute minimum, and ensure regular, non-invasive cleaning of your phone regularly to ensure it stays in pristine condition. Ensure your ad stands out with the following tips and tricks:
  • Be sure to take photographs of the actual phone you’re looking to sell. Nothing say’s suspicious like a watermarked supplier photo, and a genuine photo will give potential buyers the chance to give the phone for sale a rigorous inspection. For special features and details, utilise close-up shots and supporting imagery for a sales-savvy mobile listing.
  • Be upfront and honest your customers. There’s no point overstating android features and specs that aren’t there. Likewise, the customer will eventually be able to assess the final quality of the product, so there’s no use trying to conceal a damaged screen.