The most popular Blackberry phones on sale in Myanmar

Tired of your iPhone or Android? Ditch your old handset and shop for streamlined, user-friendly features for better communications with Blackberry phones and devices. Discover a whole range of smartphones new to 2015, or browse the back catalog for the perfect fit for you. Perfect for professionals, with plenty of time-saving innovations and utilities designed to alleviate everyday stresses, you'll find dozens of essential models, including:
  • Torch 9800: The lightweight Torch boasts an innovative slide design with keypad underneath, a 3.2” screen, and 4GB of integrated storage.
  • Bold 9700: Lightweight and stylish, with a sleek 14mm thickness. 2.44” screen, with 256MB of onboard storage, and additional microSD card slot expansion.
  • Tour 9630: Ultra-thin and lightweight, with a 2.4” screen and 3 Megapixel camera. Ideal for office-only communications, and an ideal business line.
  • Z10: Stylish design with a 4.20” screen and HD display. 8 Megapixel camera, 2GB RAM, and high-performance internal processor.

Points to consider when buying a new Blackberry smartphone

Whether you're tied to a budget and looking for a great value handset at an even better price, or looking for secondhand classifieds for the latest Blackberry smartphones, you'll find something to accommodate any budget. Search online for thousands of classifieds across Myanmar, with a fantastic selection of phones and devices with all the latest specs and user-friendly innovations. Thanks to classifieds, you can search in your area: Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyidaw and a lot more cities are accessible. Enjoy clear media playback and access from wherever you are, with integrated Wi-Fi and 3G connections, or discover old-school function with retro-inspired flip-phones and cell phone devices streamlined for simple communications. Whatever you're after, you'll always strike gold if you stick to a few key tips:
  • Check the battery life. You don't want to be recharging your new device three times a day, so check fellow user reviews and spec write-ups for a clear idea of how long a fully loaded battery actually lasts.
  • Choose storage to suit you. If you're a budding photographer and can't leave your camera apps alone, then you'll want more storage on your smartphone to host all those new snaps and treasured shots. Choose a device with more on-board storage for easy data management.
  • What else is included? Make sure you've got the basics like phone chargers and attachments included, but always keep an eye out for a great value bundle detail with bonus items thrown in.

Sure-fire ways to make a profit when selling your old Blackberry phone

When it's time to trade in your old mobile for a new model, make sure you make the best possible return when selling your device online. Make sure your smartphone looks its best from day one, and keep your device well protected with sleeves and screen films to keep scratches to a minimum, and maintain a straight-out-of-the-box finish for longer. Regular cleaning and maintenance of phones is also a good idea, although be careful when treating keypad and stress points, and be sure any cleaning procedures don't void any extended warranties on the product you can pass to seller. It pays to be honest. Make sure you're upfront with potential customers from the off. Keep your product description and listing concise and accurate, ensuring any damages or problems are highlighted. Ultimately, customers will be able to inspect the product first-hand, and stretching the truth in a product listing might lead to a return, poor seller rating, and excess postage cost for you. Original photographs, every time. Another key way to ensure your listing gets taken seriously and your product sells is to include clear, useful product imagery to potential buyers. Would-be customers should be able to inspect your phone in as much detail as possible, and additional detail shots of key features and phone utilities adds extra value to a listing. Always make sure your product imagery and product copy are an accurate reflection of the other. Nothing sours a product listing more than erroneous information and mismatched text.