Flowerhorn Fish - Myanmar (Burma)
Flowerhorn Fish Pets & Animal Accessories, South Okkalapa
25,000 Ks
Suger Glider - Myanmar (Burma)
Suger Glider Pets & Animal Accessories, Pabedan
50,000 Ks
Flowerhorn - Myanmar (Burma)
Flowerhorn Pets & Animal Accessories, Tamwe
50,000 Ks
Poodle Puppy - Myanmar (Burma)
Poodle Puppy Pets & Animal Accessories, Yangon
3.50 LKs

Dogs in Myanmar

Dogs have lived alongside with the man for thousands of years and become the most popular pets in the world. This is also true in Myanmar, where many people choose to adopt a dog or a puppy to enjoy the company of these admirable animals. 

Dogs behave differently and have various needs depending on their breed. Here are the most popular dogs in Myanmar:

  • Golden retriever: this big dog is very friendly and particularly good with children. It needs to exercise regularly and is a great athlete, it is also a very intelligent animal which makes it perfect as an assistant dog.
  • Husky (Alaskan or Siberian): these dogs can sometimes be referred to as sled dogs, they are incredible athletes and can stand very low temperature. Very appreciated for their elegant appearance, they however require a lot of space and exercise to be happy. They are sometimes confused with the Malamute, which is bigger in size and has a thicker fur.
  • Pomeranian: also known as Pom, this tiny dog is perfect for smaller apartments. Friendly and loyal, it is also an intelligent breed which will be easy to train.
  • German shepherd: originally bred for herding flocks, this dog has evolved to become an excellent police dog and one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and in Myanmar. It is easy to train but require daily exercise.
  • English and French bulldogs: these smaller dogs are extremely friendly and loyal, and excellent with children. They make great family dogs but their training requires a lot of patience.


Burmese online petshop

There are several ways to become a dog owner, whether you get a puppy from the litter of a neighbour’s dog, or buy an expensive dog from the breed you like, or even adopt an older dog from a shelter.

Online classifieds let you do all of that: whether you are looking for a rare breed, or simply want to adopt a dog in need of a home, you can find the perfect puppy close to you online, and for the price you want. All of this without needing to look for the nearest pet store, which is not always close by unless you live in a big city like Yangon or Naypyidaw

On classifieds you can also find other animals to adopt: 

  • Cats and kittens
  • Birds 
  • Fishes...


Pet accessories for sale

Buying an animal is one thing, but new pet owners often don’t realize how much they also need to invest in accessories, even only basic ones like a leash for your dog and some food. Online, you can find all of these things and more close to your home and at the best prices:

Pet food for dogs, cats, fishes etc.

  • Dog accessories: leash, collar, muzzle
  • Bird cages
  • Dog shampoos and other hygiene products for pets

You can also find less basic products like a used doghouse for your pet companion, a comfortable cushion for your cat, and of course all sorts of dog and cat toys.