YAMAHA DX27 - Myanmar (Burma)
YAMAHA DX27 Musical Instruments, Chan Aye Thar Zan
100,000 Ks

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Musical instruments for sale in Myanmar 

Greater Yangon itself covers a portion of Myanmar itself, so you're bound to find exactly what you're looking for. Get just the sound you're after with all the elements you'll need to make your own music. Grab a guitarfor just few LKs, or make a huge saving on a piano if you prefer to play the ivories. When you shop pre-owned at Ads.com.mm it's possible to save a small fortune.

  • Guitars: Get record worthy instruments at next to nothing. You can pick up a bass guitarwith classifieds starting as low as 2 LKs.
  • Keyboards: These make an ideal instrument for the beginner. Pick up a reputable brandkeyboard for as little as 2.50 LKs. 
  • Classical instruments: Prefer a more traditional sound? Get a violin for as little as 2-3 LKs, or buy upright pianos for upwards of 30 LKs.


Buying used instruments through classifieds in Myanmar

You don't have to pay through the roof for a bass or keyboard. Shopping second hand and getting big discounts on pre-owned musical instruments lets you save money for the more important things in life. Whatever you're looking to buy, always do so with caution when you shop online, and get set for a hassle-free purchase by sticking to a few all important tips. 

  • Assess the condition: If you're looking to spend a significant amount of money, you want to ensure you're getting something in reasonable condition. Descriptions and photos only go some way in revealing this, so inspect the instrument in person whenever possible. Local listings are ideal. 
  • The pangs of postage costs: Ordering in a large item from an online classified can save you a huge discount on the RRP, but getting your new purchase to you might bring new costs. If you're buying a piano or other large item, be prepared to pay a premium on postage, or be prepared to pick it up yourself.
  • Double check all crucial info: If the listing has instrument specs, double check these against manufacturer websites. If there's any discrepancies between the two online destinations, this can be a red flag.


Selling your old instruments with online classifieds in Myanmar

If you're looking to offload an old instrument you don't want anymore, selling through online listings can be a great way of making a sale sooner. It's easy to connect with hundreds of potential buyers on your doorstep in Yangon and Myanmar when you sell through Ads.com.mm, but if you're serious about selling, keep a few key pointers in mind to ensure you get your asking price. 

  • Condition and quality: If your musical instrument is heavily damaged, the price will be affected. Superficial damage should only lessen the face value slightly, but any significant damages to critical components might warrant an even further price drop. 
  • Show your customers you know your stuff: If you're selling something specific, make sure your potential buyers understand what they're looking at with a detailed list of specs. 
  • Delivery and couriers: For pianos, amplifiers and big musical instruments, you may be looking at a high postage and delivery cost too. Make sure you incorporate this into your price and explain that you've done this in your listing.