Motorbikes: two centuries of adventure

The first motorcycles were invented in 1868 and quickly became sports-oriented vehicles, designed for speed. Races are organized everywhere in the world, on roads or racing circuits. These competitions encouraged technological progress and motorcycle engines become more and more powerful. The Federation of International Motorcycling (FIM) was created in 1904, and after the war in 1922, the famous “Bol d’or” was born.

The mythical Paris-Dakar race took place for the first time in 1979, since then, brands like Yamaha, Honda, KTM or BMW have competed to design the best motorcycles, able to race fast in difficult conditions. 


Scooters in Myanmar: a complicated relationship

Myanmar has a number of laws and regulations regarding bikes. While it is possible to buy or rent a motorcycle or a scooter, some areas are prohibited, like the city of Yangon. Specific townships like the north Dagon township do allow motorbikes in specific areas. These regulations were implemented because of concerns about the safety of motorcyclists and pedestrians. However, there are hopes that the ban will be lift someday, although it has not been confirmed by the municipality.

In the rest of the country, motorcycles are mostly allowed, and are among one of the most popular means of transportation, for short distances or for travel. Fast and compact, they are more efficient than buses to drive through the traffic. They are also inexpensive compared to cars and can carry heavy loads as long as they are not too voluminous. They are often used with sidecars, which are a convenient way to transport an extra-passenger or luggage.

The most popular motorbike manufacturers in Myanmar are Japanese: Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha motorcycles are by far the best-selling brands. 


Should you buy a scooter or a motorbike?

Scooters are typically cheaper, especially less powerful ones like 150cc scooters. They also need less petrol which will save you money. Simple to maneuver, they are perfect for anyone looking for a vehicle which is easy to ride. They are a good option if you drive mainly in cities or short distances. 

Motorcycles are usually more expensive and also more difficult to drive for a beginner, but is significantly faster and more powerful, which makes them a good choice if you need them for long distances. The fuel capacity is also bigger, and they are overall more stable on the road. 


Price of motorcycles and scooters in Myanmar

The price of a scooter will vary greatly depending on its age. Overall you can find a scooter for 1,65 Khs to 20 Khs.

Motorbikes start at the same price but can become as expensive as 200 Khs for luxury models like a Ducati Monster.


Where to buy a motorcycle in Myanmar?

Online classifieds are a great way to find cheap scooters and bikes, especially if you are looking for a used vehicle. You can select any city or region, from Mandalay to Pathein and check ads within your price range. Then meet the seller, do a test drive and complete the transaction.

When buying a cycle, make sure to get a helmet which will protect you from getting a head injury in case of accident.