Where to buy mobile phone accessories in Myanmar?

Yangon is by far the Burmese city with the most choice when it comes to phone accessories. For your sim cards, phone cases or earphones, the district of Kyauktada has multiple options for electronic retailers. In almost every city in Myanmar, you have good chances of finding phone accessories in brand shops like Sony, Samsung and Xiaomi. However, if your phone is from a lesser known brand which doesn’t have a physical store, or if you live in a smaller city like Bago or Hpa-An, your best bet is to shop online where you can find used or new accessories for your smartphone.

Buying phone accessories online in Myanmar

Online classifieds are a good way to find cheap mobile phone accessories:

  • Phone chargers : Android chargers are universal, meaning they can be used on any Android phone. iPhones require specific chargers, and it is important to notice that iPhone 5 and 6 are not compatible with chargers from previous generations.
  • USB cables : they are useful to transfer files quickly from a phone to a computer without the need for Internet connection: pictures, music, movies and files. As in chargers, USB cables are identical for most of the Android phones whereas it can be vary for Apple iPhone depending upon the model and generation.
  • SIM cards : Depending on your smartphone, you will need either a nano, micro or normal SIM card. Older phones normally use regular cards, while recent smartphones use micro cards. iPhones are known to use nano cards.
  • Headphones and earbuds : headphones offer typically a better sound quality and are sometimes wireless when using bluetooth technology. Earbuds however use less space and some brands like Beats by Dr.Dre, Bose and Sennheiser carry high-end earbuds or in-ear earphones with a good sound quality.
  • Phone cases and covers : smartphones are fragile and it is recommended to protect your smartphone to protect them from shocks and cracks, especially for more expensive models like the Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone. Make sure to check the compatibility of the case before buying it!
  • Screen protector : made of protective film or tempered glass, they are essential to protect your smartphone from scratches. Some films also have anti-glare properties or turn into a mirror when the phone is off.

Buying a SIM card in Myanmar

When it comes to phone, the most popular equipment is the SIM card. Thanks to dual SIM phones, it is now possible to use two different phone numbers on the same device, which is especially convenient when travelling abroad, if you own one burmese SIM card and a foreign one, or for professionals using a different phone number for work and private life.

In Myanmar, you can find SIM cards for price ranging from 1,500 Khs to 10,000 Ks with the three main phone providers in the country: Telenor,Ooredoo and MPT. These SIM cards usually include calls, text messages, and Internet, which allows you to browse the web from any place in Myanmar with 3G coverage. In order to purchase a card in Myanmar, you will need an NRC or any other proof of identity.

Myanmar online classifieds with cheap phone accessories

Classifieds like Ads.com.mm offer a large selection of used or new phone accessories, from private and professional sellers everywhere in Myanmar. When you spot an ad for a product that you like, you can contact the seller directly. The transaction can then be made in cash.