Check out the classifieds for men’s clothes in Myanmar

There are many advantages that come with searching through the classifieds for menswear. It is a good way to find good quality men’s clothes at usually cheaper prices than in stores, with sellers all located in close proximity. You can choose from casual garments like jeans and T-shirts, or formal clothes like a tailored suit and trousers, which is particularly interesting if you are on a budget: suits can be very expensive in a fashion store! Online platforms allow sellers to advertise their goods safely and for free. Buyers can then take their time to browse through top brand names, while enjoying the very best in local deals for men’s fashion, in Mandalay and Yangon. 

Discover popular top brand name clothing on 

When buying used men's clothes, it’s a good idea to stick to designer brand names. By doing this, you’ll ensure that your purchases for apparel, are of the highest quality, whether you’re looking for high-quality casuals or well-tailored formal designs. Don’t spend more than you have to, when you can enjoy all of the very best in menswear fashion, by purchasing used garments. All items for sale are photographed, and presented online, so you can check out the specifications, in the comfort of your own home. The platform makes buying online so easy, and you can meet up with local sellers, situated in Mandalay and Yangon in Myanmar, to make your purchase offline. You’ll find lots of top brands on the website. Quite often you can find items from the following brands: 

  • Paul Smith: An eccentric British label, delivering quality designer menswear
  • Uniqlo: A fashion forward and innovative Japanese casual clothing designer label 
  • Giordano: This Hong Kong based label is well known for its easy going, simplistic style 
  • Guess: A high fashion, upscale American designer label, for style conscious individuals
  • Converse: An American label that incorporates urban chic, with a trendy retro mix
  • Fila: UK designer label, with a selection of vintage, sportswear and casual clothing
  • Levi’s: This all-American label is most famous for its fashionable jeans
  • DKNY: It’s all in the name, and this New York fashion house, founded by Donna Karan, is well known for its high quality, edgy designs 
  • Wrangler: This American label specializes in classic casuals, jeans, and western apparel. 

Getting the right fit when buying men’s clothes online 

There are certain things to consider when buying clothes online, especially if looking for a shirt, trousers, or a suit. A good fit is essential, with tailored clothing, so make sure your measurements are correct. If you have your eye on a particular designer outfit, but find it’s too expensive to buy brand new, look for equivalents on You can try on a pair of trousers, a shirt, or suit at a physical store, and then buy the second-hand version online, for a fraction of the price.  

Advertise in the classifieds and declutter your wardrobe

Selling your unused and underused clothing online can be fun and very lucrative. Recycling clothes help to clear out space in a cluttered wardrobe, making room for new garments, while topping up that bank balance. It’s a good idea to keep the particular season in mind when selling online. This way your items advertised in the classifieds will be current, which means a faster sale. Garments that still have tags on, can be priced at higher levels, so bear this in mind. Designer classics are always great sellers, and there is a massive market for vintage-wear. Ensure your garments are in good condition and free of creases, with all alterations taken care of.