The latest job ads in Myanmar

The classifieds are an excellent place for jobseekers in Myanmar to browse through and evaluate the latestjob ads. You’ll find a wide range of positions posted, with plenty of job offers in local areas like Yangon. Check the classifieds, whether you’re a seasoned professional, a recent graduate, or you’re at college and looking for a student job. Perhaps you are seeking to secure a salary that is in line with your financial commitments, or you need to transition from part time to full time employment. 

Popular job ads in Myanmar

  • There are numerous jobs available to apply to in Myanmar. However, there are some that are more prevalent than others. This following list contains details of some of the most popular fields in this location.
  • Finance Industry Jobs: This field is broad and varied, and tends to suit those that have a knack for figures. Positions can include banking roles, accountancy, bookkeeping, credit control and purchase ledger clerk jobs. 
  • Manager: Managerial roles also offer a wide range of positions, and can cover a vast amount of industries. If you are good at organising, setting goals, delegating tasks, and overseeing projects, you just might be good managerial material.
  • Marketing Jobs: This field is an attractive one, especially for graduates. There are so many opportunities available with marketing jobs and the positions are very diverse. Typical marketing jobs include, advertising, PR work, brand management, digital, media, communications, and creative type careers. Salaries are also attractive for graduates. 
  • Accoutant: Working as an accountant can be a very rewarding. There are various areas in which an accountant can specialise in, including corporate finance, consultancy and forensic accounting. You should expect an attractive salary, working in this field, and can work independently, or as part of a company. 
  • Student jobs: These are the most varied of the bunch and can contain a diverse range of sectors, including sales and retail, call centre work, domestic and restaurant positions. Jobs typically have part-time hours and are very useful in helping students to take care of their financial responsibilities. 

Cities with the highest job offers

In your job search, it may be a good idea to list the cities that have the most jobs advertised. You can then see which locations are closer and more convenient for you, and therefore narrow your search down. You’ll find a lot of jobs advertised in Yangon. Hledan is also a popular city, as are Bahan and Yankin, with jobs varying from catering, administration, web design, marketing and engineering. 

How to get the most out of your online job search

Looking for work is not an easy task, and you need lots of patience, determination and consistency to stay the course. There are a few more things to bear in mind when searching for jobs online. Be sure to have a target position in mind. This way you can create a resume that is tailored to suit the position. Bear in mind your qualifications and work experience, and be realistic about the type of jobs matching your skillset. Go for something that you feel enthusiastic about, otherwise you might not last in the role, even if you are successful in securing the position. Register with popular social media websites, and put your credentials online, so that you can network with potential employers. Check the classifieds on a daily basis. They are updated regularly, so make sure you stay on top of your job search, to ensure you give yourself a winning chance at landing your dream job.