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Find the most attractive Jewelries and Watches in Myanmar with the best prices

As most of the people from today are willing to look more fashionable and more stylish, not only girls but also boys start considering about the importance of jewelries and accessories such as watches in their daily fashion style. More and more fancy and jewelries shops are opening as demands and interest on this fashion sector got higher in recent years. The sector is not only growing at offline but also online at the same time. People are getting used to with purchasing items from online as for the jewelries and watches. Still not many of the websites provide information and safe transaction as, No.1 Free Classified website in Myanmar, when it comes to buying and selling jewelries and watches.

There are so many kinds of jewelries and watches you can find on While some of them are luxurious wears, some are rather a bit cheap, not created using authentic stones and materials but still providing a good impression to the wearer. At, you can find many listings of jewelries and watches such as:

- Jewelries made with authentic and rare stones such as high quality diamonds sold by large gems and jewelry stores like Sein Nandaw. Also same for gold and silver jewelries such as bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings. You can find listings of such jewelries made with fine quality gold and silver, sold by famous jewelry store, for example like Shwe Nandaw. Fine crafts of Hair pins and brooches can be found on too.

- Jewelries made of less expensive materials such as 925, white gold and platinum. There can be lockets, hand chains, foot chains and even piercings made of various designs and materials. While most of the jewelry listings are selling new items, there are also people selling their old jewelries which they don't wear anymore.  

- Watches of high end quality and famous brands. These watches offer luxurious feeling and atmosphere to wearer. Brands like Rolex, Seiko, Omega, Titoni and Michael Kors can be found on 

- Jewelries made of common gems and jewels like pearls, ruby, sapphire, emerald, quartz and others. They can also be sold by shops and by previous wearers who don't wear them anymore. There are various designs and styles to choose from.

- Different kinds of raw jewels and gems. Mostly sold by jewelry traders and mostly expensive.

- Ordinary class watches like Casio and Alexander Christie. They are popular for their fair price and good looking design in together with middle class quality.

Buying jewelries and watches on

You can browse through various jewelries and watches with a wide range of prices and designs on You can search by brand, gem type or even by color in the case of watches. You can buy a really expensive luxurious watch made with flashy gems and high quality materials which might cost around 10 lakhs or just an ordinary Casio G-shock which can just cost around 1 lakh. Same with jewelries whereas there are diamond rings and necklaces, even costing around 20 or 30 lakhs and also emerald and pearls earrings which could only cost around 1 or 2 lakhs depending on the quality. As there are people who resell their old jewelries and famous authentic watches for various reasons, you can sometimes find listings with best deal. When you are interested in an item, contact him via different channels, phone calls, SMS or Emails and negotiate about the deal. After you have successfully negotiated with seller, meet in somewhere public, check the product and complete the transaction if you are satisfied with the quality of the item. Buying jewelries and watches from online at help you cost lesser time,money and energy. But to make sure that you have an excellent experience of purchasing from online, please read our hints and tips to ensure a safe and efficient online shopping.

Selling jewelries and watches on

If you have to sell jewelries and watches, used or new, is the best place to sell them. You can sell your items for free with zero commission or service charge and it is easy and simple to use it. You just need to take as many pictures as possible from various angles and upload them all together with a full brief description. One thing to consider is that purchasing jewelries costs a lot of money sometimes so it will be best if you are honest about your item and also keep in mind that a fair price attracts buyers more easily and can help you sell your jewelries and watches faster. It will be best if you retain the original quality of the jewelry so then you can ask for the price which is not very less than the original price. And then you just have to wait for the interested buyers to contact you via the information you provided. When you have met someone who offer you with a desirable price, meet them in somewhere safe for you, mostly public area and complete the deal!