Myanmar citizens getting more concerned about a healthy life and body fitness

During the past few years, Myanmar people get more knowledge about healthy life style and more aware of the importance of fitness in their daily life. People just don’t spend their time watching TV or staying at home all day anymore. Instead of such unhealthy activities, Myanmar citizens, mostly young people started to seek out other ways to spend their precious time better and at the same time, to be healthier and smarter. Some people started going out to gyms and other fitness related classes like dancing and yoga. Others like to spend their time doing what makes them concentrating, for example, like fishing or playing a musical instrument. While some people love clam and pleasure hobbies,  others love to get active and sweat. They like to play outdoor sports like tennis, football or maybe a less active one like golfing. When you are going to do a hobby, you need at least an item concerned with its field, maybe a guitar, a golf club, a pair of trainers, a tennis racket or even a mountain bicycle. You can either buy the accessories and equipments you need at a sport or hobby shop easily but they can sometimes be expensive. Hobbies like working out and playing electric guitar are a bit hard to follow as a gym workout equipment or a treadmill can sometimes cost up to 4 or 5 lakhs. There is a simple and no cost solution for that. is the No. (1) Free classified website in Myanmar where people meet, buy and sell all sorts of items. You can look for a used electric guitar with a cheaper price, one set of weight plates with a fair price or maybe even a brand new table tennis table with lesser price from outside. Search on for the items you need to follow the hobbies you love.

Types of Hobby and Sport items available on

Starting from your favorite music album record to a rocket science fast racing bike, you can find them on These are the general categorization of hobby and sport related items you can mostly find on our website. Equipments and items related to each and every kind of sport: Soccer shoes, a skate board, a football, boxing gloves, bicycle tires, bicycle brake clips, a mountain bike, etc. You can find brand new items sold by businesses and shops but also used items sold by users.

Collectible items and entertainment related items:  Items such as ancient money notes, an antique lamp, a music album, paintings, novels and books, an old stamp and detail model figures  are also available on

Pets and animal accessories: Different breeds of dogs and cats such as the golden retriever,  pug, terrier, persian exotic cat, german shepherd and bulldogs are available. Also other pet animals like hamsters, rabbits, fishes and birds can also be found. Pet accessories as of beds, showers, toys and others. Most of the sellers are breeders.

Musical Instruments: Electric guitars, hollow guitars, drum sets, keyboards, DJ machines, Amps, microphones and pedals, anything you need for training at your home to a stage performance. You can find used and second hand items here but also some people sell brand new stuff for a cheaper price.

Travel,events and tickets: Some people have different hobbies like travelling, attending rock concerts and gatherings at clubs purposed for people with same interest. At, you can also find items related to such activities. You can find tickets for tours, event news and also trip packages, both domestic and outbound.

Purchasing a hobby related item from online

Some hobby related items such as gym equipments, a mountain bike or a set of golf clubs can be really expensive if you are buying a brand new one. At, you can look for used items of related hobby with a fair price and still in good condition. You can save your money for the same enjoyment by purchasing through When you have found something that you are interested in our website, contact the seller, arrange for an appointment and look at the item outside. But before you buy it, investigate it thoroughly. There might some damage and wear that the seller might forget to mention or not want to. If you can spot one, there is a chance for you to bargain for a lesser price! After you have done the negotiation, complete the transaction and bring the item. For the best buying experience for your hobby items, please check out our guide for buying safely and efficiently.

Selling your old hobby and sport related items


Have a Gym equipment that you don’t use anymore at home? Sell it. Have a old pair of soccer shoes that can still kick in the match? Sell it. Have a RC race car that you are too old to play it? Sell it too! By selling out the items related to a hobby that you have abandoned long ago, you can make money out of it to buy something useful for you or maybe even invest in the new hobby you are following now. It is really easy and simple to sell stuff on Just need to take a couple of pictures of the item you want to sell and then upload them to our website. Write a brief and honest description about your product and put an Email address or a telephone number to contact you. After that, just wait for the time for the interested buyers to contact you. Meet outside, make the negotiation and then seal the deal! For best selling experience, check out this guide to sell fast and safe.