Asus X556UQK - Myanmar (Burma)
Asus X556UQK Computers & Laptops, Kyauktada
7.20 LKs
MSI CX62 7QL - Myanmar (Burma)
MSI CX62 7QL Computers & Laptops, Kyauktada
6.00 LKs
Asus X541U - Myanmar (Burma)
Asus X541U Computers & Laptops, Kyauktada
4.90 LKs

The world of computing in Myanmar

Since the Internet has become available in Myanmar in 2000, the market for laptops and computers in general has developed significantly. Not only professional but also private users can now access the web thanks to a portable computer, for working, blogging, watching videos or movies, or playing computer games.  Even though the internet penetration remains relatively low, sales of computers online and in physical stores have been increasing in the past years

According to a survey from the Myanmar Computer Federation, 45% of Burmese companies use more than 11 computers. It is estimated that this number will grow to ultimately reach a point where every employee will be provided with one laptop.


How to choose your laptop

Buying a laptop suitable for your needs can seem overwhelming, so here are a few things to consider before you decide:

  • Laptops are the most versatile type of computers: they are perfect for browsing the web, watching movies, and also for working, as they are portable and can be taken to a meeting or to your workplace. If you need to travel a lot, consider the size and the weight of the device. If you are mostly going to use the computer at home, you don’t need to worry about it too much and can choose a bigger screen. Their price range between  600,000 Ks and 3,300,000 Ks for a high quality HP laptop. Acer offers cheaper alternatives from their Aspire series at around 1,000,000 Ks. The very popular Macbook from Apple costs between 7 and 13 LKs. 
  • Notebooks are small and light, as such they are perfect for students and can be used for taking notes in class and searching for information on the internet. They are also a lot cheaper which make them a great choice for people with a lower budget. You can get one from Asus for about 350,000 Ks.
  • Desktop computers take more space but can be useful if you need a lot of power, for instance in an office, or if you intend to use it for intensive gaming. However they are not portable, which is why greatly limits their usability. You will need to purchase a tower and a monitor, which can cost from 400,000 Ks to 1,000,000 Ks.


Buying a computer in Myanmar

One obvious way to purchase a computer is to visit a physical computer store, which can be found mostly in bigger cities like Yangon. Otherwise, online stores offer a larger selection of product and deliver almost everywhere. 

Classifieds are getting more and more popular as they allow for sellers to meet buyers close to them and conduct a transaction independently without fees. Buying a used computer is also a lot cheaper than getting a new one, and second-hand computers are numerous on classifieds websites. 

If you are a buyer, just remember to pay attention to the following points:

  • Ask about the battery life of the computer if you are buying a laptop: buying a new battery can be expensive and you should know about it ahead of time
  • Ask about any visible damage: missing pixels, missing keys…
  • Make sure the charger is included in the package if you don’t own one that fits the device. 

If you are selling your computer, make sure to include pictures of all its parts: keyboard, screen or monitor, and mention any damage. Including additional parts like a mouse or a keyboard can make your ad stand out and help you sell faster.