Volkswagen history and cars in Myanmar classifieds

This German carmaker first started in the 1930's in Saxony, Germany and the company name means ‘people’s car’. The forerunners of the modern VW Golf and Polo were introduced during the 1970’s and over a total of eight decades, the manufacturer has grown into the modern Volkswagen group - now the world's second largest carmaker. The VW group controls manufacturing for other brand names including Audi, Seat and Skoda from worldwide production plants in the USA, China, Russia and many other countries throughout Europe - including of course its native Germany, where the company still has its headquarters in Wolfsburg. The current company slogan is ‘Das Auto’ or ‘The Car’.  

Popular VW cars

Volkswagen cars are still quite rare in Myanmar, even though other German brands are more established. Some local car showrooms have a number of German-made vehicles for sale, where VW cars can sometimes be spotted. Currently, popular models are the:
  • Golf - a small family car
  • Polo – a super-mini
  • Beetle – the modern descendant of the ´love bug’
These three models have reached the list of the top ten best selling models of all time; many are available as hatchback, estate, coupe and saloon or sedan versions. Polos sometimes sell for asking prices as low as 92 Lakh Kyats, with between Lks 125-190 typically asked for models registered between 2005 and 2011. The Polo won the 2010 World Car of the Year award. VW Beetles vary more in price depending on condition and age, from Lks 90 to Lks 300 for models registered between 2000 and 2013.  

Buying your VW online

The number of imported vehicles has increased slowly over recent years, with the 2014 sales figure (3,000 new vehicles) expected to double during 2015. Buying a car online is easy via classified ads for your local area. It allows contact for communication and negotiation between the buyer and seller, with no added cost. Searching online for a car means you can easily locate deals and bargains, as well as ask for further details such as history and fuel consumption, before travelling to see it. Online, it is important to follow some basic common sense rules:
  • Check that the seller genuinely owns the car you plan to buy.
  • Check the background and history of the potential purchase, including mileage and periodic tests.
  • If possible, have the car checked by an engineer or technician, making sure it is roadworthy and a good buy.
  • Always have a valid purchase agreement or contract.
  • Note that certain newer Volkswagen vehicles registered in recent years may be subject to dealer recall during 2015-16 due to emissions control software issues; this can be checked with the company via their website.

Selling your Volkswagen car in Myanmar

Selling cars online is quick and straightforward with - a classifieds website where local people can buy and sell almost anything. It is a great way to sell used vehicles online - sellers and vendors interact and then meet for the actual transaction. There are no fees, so using classified ads to sell your car means you can easily reach a wide audience of potential buyers in your area. To sell your previously owned vehicle quickly, ask a fair price that is in accordance with the current value and include several photographs, as well as a detailed description with specific information - engine, model and year. If the car has extra features, mention these too - an upgraded radio, or new tyres for example.