Toyota and luxury car classifieds in Myanmar

Discover the best deals on used Toyotas and other premium car manufacturers, with thousands of car classifieds in cities like yours across Myanmar. It’s easy to browse and free to post your used car listing at, with no free transactions and no hidden fees helping you get the best price possible on your old set of wheels. Looking for a new vehicle? Make huge savings on Toyotas and luxury car labels, or take advantage of essential discounts on a wide range of commercial vehicles. Since 1936, Toyota have been at the forefront of innovative automobile and engine design, and today stand as one of the most fuel-efficient, safe, and environmentally-friendly providers of cars. The multinational company continues to go from strength to strength, remaining one of the most popular models on roads across the globe. From compact sedans, to luxury crossover vehicles and full hybrid cars, the Japanese manufacturer remains the go-to for good lucks, premium performance, and cars designed for superior city driving.  

Find the most popular Toyotas in Myanmar

With decades’ of design history behind them, today you’ll find hundreds of Toyotas in circulation, with iconic models dating from 2015, all the way back to the 60s. Showcasing the very best in driving innovations and motoring refinements, the brand has established itself as a trend-setter in eco-conscious fuel consumption, with cleaner cars and emissions, and all round improvements to on board safety features. Looking for a specific model? Enjoy massive discounts on previously owned car models like Toyota’s signature Prius line, or opt for streamlined exteriors, ideal for the city with Crown, Wish, Alphard and Hilux cars. Whatever you’re after, you’ll it at the perfect price at
  • Rav4: Enjoy all the perks of an SUV and more with the Rav4. Sporting a sleeker profile than most SUV vehicles, the Rav4 is a great crossover vehicle, ideal an off roader that still doesn’t look out of place on city streets on weekdays. Available in straightforward front-wheel drive, or advanced 4x4 for adventures off the beaten track. Expect to pay in the region of 200-200 LKs for starters when on the hunt for Rav4 models.
  • Land Cruiser: The rough and ready Land Cruiser is good to go when you are. This efficient and reliable 4x4 combines good looks and designer finishes inside and out, with safety-first features, a practical dash, and user-friendly steering. Asking prices for Land Cruisers can vary wildly. Classic car models and older releases can fetch in the region of 200-300 LKs, but expect to pay upwards of 1000 LKs for the latest generation vehicles.
  • Mark II: Go for more of a luxury finish with the Mark II, one of Toyota’s premium sedan models. Ideal for business and when you’re out to impress, the Mark II combines easy steering and handling, with a surprisingly powerful engine, letting you get from 0 to 60 in seconds. Surprisingly affordable, the Mark II sedan will usually set you back in the region of 200-300 LKs in used condition.

Buying Toyotas in Myanmar the easy way

Fed up of paying a premium at the car dealership? Cut out the hassle of sales agent, and find fantastic deals on second-hand Toyotas in your area with It’s easier than ever to find your dream car, with a streamlined search and publishing platform. First time buying online? We’re confident you’ll have a pleasant transaction, but always remember a few key tips for complete safety and satisfaction, every time:
  • Know who you’re buying from. Speak directly to the advertiser of the car, and establish whether they are the vehicle owner or not.
  • Check the mileage on the clock, the interiors, and under the hood. Don’t skimp on your assessment of your new vehicle, it might cost you dearly later on.
  • Get the paperwork signed and sealed. Make sure some passing of papers and contracts happened. You’ll want proof of purchase, so a verbal contract and casual agreement won’t do.
  • Get your new vehicle inspected by a mechanic, preferably a third party agency for complete objectivity.
  • Do your homework. Research the desired car model online, compare the original spec to what the classified listing says. Highlight any discrepancies, and raise any points for concern to the seller.

Selling your used Toyota

It can be tricky to get a good deal when selling a used car. At, it’s simple and straightforward to post car classifieds your way, helping network to potential customers so you can make the asking price you’re after. Selling online can help you connect with thousands more potential buyers, letting you close a deal almost instantly. But, if you want the best price possible, remember tried and tested selling basics.
  • Establish trust and authority. Inspire confidence in readers of your classified with well written copy and well-structured. You want to appear as though you know what you’re talking about, so do your homework and make sure your car spec is accurate, with no glaringly obvious errors. Nothing puts off a buyer more quickly than a huge factual error.
  • Use photos to your advantage. Buying online has its advantages, but one drawback is the lack of interaction a buyer gets with a product. Make the process as painless as possible for them, with a gallery packed with useful photographs of the inside and exterior of the vehicle you’re selling. Get appropriate detail shots showing as much of the car as possible.
  • Be as detailed as possible. Don’t include irrelevant information about the vehicle history, but make sure all the questions a customer is likely to ask are answered on your classified page. It’ll save bags of time sending emails back and forth to potential customers, and will likely hook you a buyer happy to pay asking price more quickly.