Suzuki, the modest car manufacture with an history

From its full name Suzuki Motor Corporation, the Japanese company is known around the world for construction of motorcycles, cars and boat engines. If the breakthrough of the mark on the automobile market took place in the 1960s, the company already existed since 1909 with the manufacture of sewing machines, under the management of Suzuki Michio, its founder. The first car of the company was produced back in 1954, a small model of 360 cm3 which is called as "Suzulight". After production of their very first car, the corporation continued to produce well known vehicles such as Wagon R+, Suzuki Carry and the latest, Suzuki Swift. Among the models that have made the Japanese manufacturer successful on a global scale, the Swift is positioned in very good place with more than three million sold, immediately followed by the Vitara sold To 2.87 million models. You can also find the Palette, Splash, Solio,or the Jimmy . The automotive company is known for its production of cars sold at relatively affordable prices and offering dynamic design and good driving comfort.


Suzuki models cars in Myanmar

A great enthusiast of quality vehicles, the Myanmar market quickly adopted the cars of the Japanese car maker, with eco-friendly fuel consumption and accessible at affordable prices. The brand is distributed throughout the country by the Myanmar car dealers. Very popular for their young and fresh designs and the power of the engines to drive them on all the roads of the country, certain models are undoubtedly the favorites of Myanmar citizens. Swift is widely popular among young people for its fresh appearance with low fuel consumption and reasonable price. Wagon R models are high in demand by a bit older generation, who is looking for a compact and rigid design. For traders and people who do business which need vast transportation of goods, Suzuki Carry is a kick-start vehicle for new start ups as it is highly durable but still comes with a really cheap price. The following are the most successful Suzuki car models in Myanmar:

  • Swift : A subcompact car with stylish design. With unexpected awesome driving characteristics, the Swift is all round well product in its class. Being regarded as the Mini Cooper from Japan, this model pretty much famous among young generation. Installed with 1.2 liter Engine, some variants of Swift models come with 4-wheel drive mechanism. Depending on the year model, you can fetch on starting from around 100 Lakhs to 150 Lakhs for latest ones.
  • Carry : This tiny but practically useful vehicle is a Kei Truck, a Japanese mini truck. Suzuki carry truck has a tough build on the exterior and the sophisticated interior cabin. Providing room for two person, one driver and one passenger, the latter part the car body is a box or comes with a cargo space. Used widely in Myanmar for various purposes and in businesses such as agriculture, delivery, fisheries and sometimes even for construction.Even though very much useful in pratical, the price is amazingly cheap too. In Myanmar, you can get a Suzuki Carry truck with just around 50 to 60 Lakhs, depending upon the year model and vehicle condition.
  • Wagon R : One of the best selling model of Suzuki corporation, the Wagon R is an almost vertical hatch back type vehicle with a short bonnet. Produced with the main concerned of adequate parking space, this car is very much preferable for travel in Urban areas. Its size makes it possible to slip through tight traffics and also help the owner get away from parking lot problems. Interior provides enough space for four passengers. The 1300cc engine is somewhat efficient in both fuel consumption and also generate enough power. Available with around 75 Lakhs in Myanmar, you can find them easily on the roads of Yangon.

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Looking forward to own a Suzuki Car?

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