Nissan Car Classifieds in Myanmar

Since 2000, Myanmar has seen an exponential increase in the number of cards on the road. With driver records set to hit new heights in 2015, there’s more and more ways to buy premium cars from established automobile manufacturers. For hassle-free transactions and essential auto models from the likes of Nissan, BMW, Toyota and more, look no further than for hundreds of local listings and car classifieds.  

The most popular Nissan cars on offer in Myanmar

Founded in 1993, Japanese car manufacturer has become synonymous with advanced fuel economy and all-round efficiencies, with a stunning back catalogue of sport cars, sedans, and off-roaders. Go for everyday performance and fantastic driver comforts, or opt for an engine that can do more with the latest models and supercars, new for 2015.
  • Pino: Streamlined design and user-friendly features, with a fuel efficient engine requiring less consumption and more miles to the litre. For a less compact city runaround, the Tilda makes a great next step.
  • Latio: The latest model of this compact sedan boasts superior fuel economy and scores highly on efficiency. With beautifully finished bodywork and luxury interiors, it’s best-in-class for business drivers.
  • Wingroad: The Wingroad offers a contemporary update on the classic station wagon, with a powerful 4-cylinder engine and 4-wheel drive available.
  • GT-R: The GT-R is one of the automakers most popular sport models, with stunning finishes inside and out. This 3-door sports car showcases the Japanese car-maker’s signature attention to detail, and is easily adapted for those after high-octane adventures.

How to buy a Nissan online in Myanmar

It can be tempting to go for the convenience of a car dealership when on the hunt for a new vehicle, but buck the trend and save on sales and commission charges by taking he search into your own hands. Browse hundreds of classifieds for top of the range cars across your region, and find great deals and discounts you simply won’t find at the dealership. Buying online can save you plenty, but always keep a few important factors at the forefront of your mind:
  • Always establish that the person you're communicating with is the owner of the vehicle in the listing. Don't waste time with third-parties.
  • Do your research and look into as much history of a car as possible. Compare the classified description with write-ups and online reviews of the car elsewhere online.
  • Check to see when the car was last inspected. Is it road worthy? You don't want to waste a small fortune on a car you mightn't even be able to drive.
  • Always ask to see a purchase agreement or sale contract before handing over any money.

Selling your used Nissan

Looking to save time and money when selling your old car? Listing your vehicle online using a classified ad is a great way of connecting with thousands of prospective buyers in your area, letting you reach the right target audience, and cutting out the hassle of time-wasters. With no transaction fees to worry about, you get to keep even more of your sale price than ever before. It’s important to establish trust and authority online when posting your classified, so bear in mind a few key tips for a smooth sale, every time:
  • Do your homework and make sure you’re offering your used car for the right price. Take a look at other listings and classifieds for a ballpark figure, or check out car dealerships and used car showrooms to help refine an asking price.
  • Pictures tell a thousand words. There’s no excuse to skimp on your description, but ensuring your classified comes with a host of useful imagery will help your classified sell. Take clear images of the car exterior, along with close-ups of the interior and dashboard. For a more thorough classified, taking pictures of under the hood and getting a close-up of the engine is also advised.
  • Be honest and upfront in your classified. Establish trust with potential buyers with a frank and candid description. If there’s any issues with the car, make a point to mention there here. A customer might be happy buying a car with a few minor issues, but will feel short-changed and duped if they have to discover these flaws on their own.