Mazda Cars Classifieds in Myanmar

The car trade in Myanmar has steadily grown since the government took the decision to grant import permits to car owners wishing to upgrade their car for a newer model. Japanese brands represent 85% of the cars in the country in 2015 and are a popular choice among drivers. Mazda Motor Corporation was founded in Japan in 1920. The company focus on producing affordable automobiles that deliver great performance. Since its formation the corporation has steadily grown to become one of the leading global car manufacturers. In 2014 the company opened its first dealership in the country.

Most popular Mazda cars in Myanmar

The Japanese automobile company are renowned for producing automobiles that are equipped with sporty accessories and, due to innovations in technology, offer many models that offer low levels of fuel consumption and excellent handling on the road. Some of the most popular models of car in Myanmar include:
  • Demio: classified as a super-mini and launched in 1996. The 2011 13-SKYActiv model features the first SkyActiv engine, a hybrid engine technology which offers improved fuel efficiency and optimum performance, making it ideal for running a car on a tight budget. Average price: LKS 105
  • Bongo: a familiar line of pick-up trucks and vans, Bongos are popular for their ability to carry lots of passengers comfortably and safely. Bongos can be used for many purposes including business, ferrying passengers around, or daily family activities such as shopping and taking your children to school. Average price: LKS 110
  • Familia: a celebrated small family car which was originally created to cater for family outings. The Familia offers a happy medium between the super-mini likes of the Demio and larger vehicles such as the Bongo, making it perfect for small to medium size families. Average price: LKS 110
  • RX-8: the successor of the RX-7, the RX-8 is a popular and stylish sports car which was launched in 2003. The clever technology in the RX-8 delivers the powerful acceleration and smooth gear changes which are so important in a sports car driving experience. Average cost: LKS 90
  • BT-50: a compact-to-mid sized pick-up truck which was launched in 2006. The BT-50 is large, robust, and powerful, making it an ideal choice for use as a utility vehicle as well as running daily errands. Average cost: LKS 140

The best way to buy a Mazda in Myanmar? Here are our tips

The corporations first dealership within the country was opened in Yangon in 2014. The traditional car dealerships and online car dealerships also offer a useful method of purchasing cars. Searching for a car is quick and easy and enables you to effectively compare automobiles and prices from the comfort of your home. You can buy and sell cars safely and easily with no transaction fees.
  • Check the car's ownership history and current ownership prior to purchasing
  • Check mileage and the car's accident history
  • Be sure to have the car inspected by a trained mechanic before you commit to buying
  • It is a good idea to make sure you have a valid purchase contract or agreement

Selling your Mazda online: tips

If the time has come to sell your car advertising it online is a great option which saves you the time and hassle of advertising your car in other ways. Using online classified ads is a great way to get your car seen by a wide audience and open up negotiations on the price of your car.
  • Check classified ads of automobiles similar to the one you are putting up for sale to be sure that you are offering it as a reasonable price
  • Give your car a good clean both internally and externally and take plenty of pictures, the more the better, as it will show your prospective buyers that you have nothing to hide!
  • Include a thorough description of your car and be sure to provide the important details of your car such as mileage, age, and any special features
  • It is a great idea to tell your prospective buyers why you are selling your car and be ready to answer any further questions