Lexus Cars Classifieds in Myanmar

With new car sales at an all time high in Myanmar, there's never been a better time to look online for a brand new set of wheels for 2015. Originally conceived as the luxury limb of established car manufacturer Toyota, the brand's back catalogue of automobiles boasts some of the most fuel efficient, environmentally conscious vehicles available today.  

The most popular Lexus and hybrid cars in Myanmar

Founded in 1989 as the luxury division of Japanese motoring firm, Toyota, Lexus truly delivers with a stunning range of hybrid and fuel efficient cars, expertly designed to bring drivers the ultimate in handling, performance, and comfort. Make great savings on the latest LS460, or grab a fantastic deal on a used NX 200t. You'll find hundreds of listings across Yangon and beyond for great prices on models including:
  • LX 570: The LX series delivers in all aspects, combining the high performance of a sports utility vehicle, with driver-friendly features and expanded passenger space. Ideal for larger families, the 570 can hold eight passengers, and boasts a powerful V8 engine powertrain. When it comes to price, expect to pay anywhere from 350 to 500 Lks for a used 570 from the LX series.
  • GS350: This luxury sedan boasts ultra-low emissions and advanced fuel economy, with front and rear-wheel drive for advanced handling. The perfect choice for those after high-power engines that give return on fuelconsumption, combined with luxury interiors and a stunning exterior finish. Expect to pay in the region of 350 and 400 Lks for a used GS 350.
  • RX 350: A favourite of car lovers for almost twenty years, the RX series is a medium sized crossover SUV with luxury finishing. The 350 is one of the most powerful models of the series, with a 3.5 litre V6 engine for greater performance. Expect to look at prices in excess of 700 Lks when buying a used 350.

How to buy a Lexus in Myanmar

Save the time and hassle of dealing with car salesmen, and go after your dream wheels yourself with hundreds of online classifieds online at Visitors can choose from hundreds of exclusiveclassifieds, offering great rates on models across Myanmar. Find an unbeatable deal right on your doorstep, or cast your search further afield to secure your dream car at a fraction of the cost of new. Buying online can yield big savings, but always remember a few key tips when dealing with virtual car dealers and deals so you're never left short:
  • Do your homework and thoroughly research the car you intend to buy. Read up the vehicle specs on the manufacturer's official site, and get clued up on general response from customer write-ups and driver reviews.
  • Make sure the vehicle is inspected before you part with any cash. Get in your own mechanic or expert for complete peace of mind.
  • Always request a valid purchase agreement or contract. You'll need to prove ownership of your new vehicle down the line.
  • Be thorough with every listing. Double check key specs like mileage, damage, wear and tear.

Selling your Lexus online

If you're looking to cut out the middle man, selling your car online can help save you cash and speed up the process. It's easy to settle on a price you're happy with, with local classifieds engineered to put you in touch with nearby buyers for smooth, stress-free transactions. Make sure you get as many visitors to your classified listing as possible, and clinch the deal quickly by following a few age-old tactics:
  • Establish trust quickly. Be open and upfront, listing any issues with the vehicle if there any. Don't mislead customers, and provide as many useful links as possible.
  • Set a fair price. Don't price your vehicle too highly, otherwise your listing will fail to see much interest. Look elsewhere online to see how much the same model is selling for on other listings.
  • Illustrate your listing with imagery. Back up detailed car descriptions with a variety of photographs. Take as many images as you think are useful, paying special attention to the exterior, dash and interior. If you're selling a high performance vehicle or sports car, getting images of the engine and under the hood is also suggested.
  • Be specific with specs.If you're not an automobile expert, research your car's original specs and compare them against your vehicle. Be sure to give your car the hard-sell by listing all key features and specs, as these are search terms potential buyers will be using to track down a classified.