2007 Kia - Myanmar (Burma)
2007 Kia Cars, Mingalar Taungnyunt
110.00 LKs

Kia Car Classifieds in Myanmar

With thousands more cars on the road every year across Myanmar, more and more international brands and automobile manufacturers are finding their way onto city streets across Yangon, Mandalay, and countless towns and cities across Myanmar and beyond. With the number of vehicles and drivers on the nation’s roads only set to increase, those after a great deal on a new set of wheels have plenty to be happy about, with hundreds of new listings added daily to ads.com.mm, the ultimate online destination for car classifieds.  

Find classifieds for the most popular Kia cars in Myanmar

Founded in 1944, Kia is the one of the best-selling automobile manufacturers in South-Korea, second only to world industry-leaders, Hyundai. First established as a manufacturer and supplier of bicycle parts and components, the company later moved onto bicycle design, then motorcycle manufacturing, before fully integrating automobile production in the 1970s. Discover 100s of local listings for used cars and a great discount, with huge savings to be had on popular models like the Bongo, Morning, Sportage, Optima andPicanto. Find a great deal on a second-hand car today in your area, with essential savings on best-selling models, including:
  • Rio: Choose from six signature car models with the Rio series, showcasing superior styling and comfort, alongside innovative driving technologies and safety features. This well-performing hatchback is available in 5-door and 3-door models. Depending on the year of release, prices can vary. Expect prices from 80 LKs and upwards for most Rio models.
  • Sorento: Engineered for high-performance driving and off-terrain capability, this all-purpose SUV comes with a 2.2 engine, refined for better fuel economy and consumption. Exterior extras include roof rails, fog lamps, and heated door mirrors come as standard. Expect to pay in the region of 300 LKs for most vehicles form the Sorrento series, although price may vary depending on year of release.
  • Carens: A dynamic family car with 7-seat interiors and designer styling. 1.7 litre engine as standard, refined for better fuel economy and consumption. Superior safety features for all driver and all passengers, for total peace of mind whilst driving. Prices may vary for second-hand models from the Carens series. Expect to pay a minimum of 200 LKs for most models from the series.

Buying a used Kia car in Myanmar

Don’t be duped into paying for unnecessary extras and sky-high commissions when purchasing a car in Yangon, Mandalay, or beyond. Find 100s of classifieds for second-hand vehicles from the most popular automobile manufacturers, quickly and easily. It’s simple and straightforward to find your new vehicle at a great price, with new listings added every day in Yangon, Mandalay, and more towns and cities across the country. It’s easy to search for and find great cars at even better prices, with no transaction fees to help you save even more. Buying online saves you time, money and hassle, but bear a few key tips for a safe and secure transaction, every time.
  • Always establish contact with the current owner of the vehicle you’re looking to buy before you complete a sale.
  • Do your research and read up on as much information and specification about the car you’re looking to buy as possible.
  • Check vehicle mileage, and ask for any safety reports or vehicle inspection documents.
  • Get a second option and make sure the vehicle is checked out by an independent mechanic or adviser.

Get the best deal when selling your used Kia car online

Looking to trade in your old vehicle for a newer model for 2015? Discover 100s of used cars at fantastic prices online at ads.co.mm, and you could be driving your dream set of wheels in no time. Selling your car online can be a great way of pocketing some extra money, saving on agency fees and commissions. If it’s your first time selling a vehicle online, keep in mind a few tips and tricks of the trade, and ensure you’re getting the best possible price for your old wheels:
  • Set a fair price. It’s a competitive market, so make sure you secure a buyer by pricing your vehicle at a reasonable amount. Do your research and see what other used vehicles of the same release year are selling for.
  • Get up close and personal with pictures. Nothing sells a product better than clear imagery, so be sure to include as many photographs of your car as possible when you post your car classifieds. Make sure images are clear and relevant, with close-ups of engine components and under the hood, as well as interiors and finishes.
  • The devil’s in the detail. Be as informative as possible when writing the text for your classified. Make sure all the relevant vehicle spec is included, and highlight any damages or important notes of interest. Keep it user-friendly to engage customers, inform them with a thorough spec, and then inspire them to commit to a sale with a touch of sales language if you wish.
  • Be honest, upfront, and inspire confidence. People can be weary when buying online, so establish instant trust and authenticity with a well written classified, clear communication, and total honesty and accuracy during every transaction.