Hyundai Car Classifieds in Myanmar

Looking for premium luxury, contemporary design, and optimum performance from your new set of wheels? With more and more cars on the road every year in Yangon, Mandalay, and across Myanmar, it’s easier than ever to find car classifieds wherever you, always at a price that suits you. Discover classic Hyundai models at huge discounts, or navigate a great deal on the latest designs from the world famous car brand. Established in 1967, the brand is the leading car manufacturer in South Korea, and amongst the most popular suppliers in the automobile industry worldwide. The car manufacturer has a rich history of forward-thinking vehicle designs, with a first-rate range of easy to drive compacts, sedans, SUVS and luxury crossover cars. With an emphasis on fluidic shapes and contours inspired by nature, the famous car manufacturer sets the bar for performance and polish.


Get popular Hyundai cars at great prices across Myanmar

With decades’ of industry-leading car design and manufacturing behind them, there’s a whole word of choice when it comes to deciding on your next car from Hyundai. From compact cars ideal for the city, to luxury sedans and designer crossovers for when you’re out to impress, you’re guaranteed to find a used auto model from our classifieds that ticks every box. Explore hundreds of classifieds in your city and make serious savings on the brand’s iconic Libero or Grace models, or check the specs on a model you’ve never considered before.

  • Porter II: The latest model from the H100 line, the Porter II is a favourite of sole traders. This lightweight pickup is available in various configurations to adapt perfect to your business needs, and is renowned for rigorous performance and reliability, with 80hp diesel engine. This efficient flatbed truck is surprisingly cost-efficient, with most models available relatively cheap. For second generation Porter trucks, expect an asking price in the region of 90-120 LKs.
  • Starex: The Starex series has been a favourite of tradesman for almost 20 years, with the first model debuting to the market back in 1997. Since then, the range has refined with forward-thinking innovations and user-friendly driving functions. Known as the H-1 worldwide, the Starex is easily adapted with various chassis and cab configurations, with a reliable engine output of 85hp. Asking prices can vary wildly depending on condition and generation of car models, but expect to pay no less than 150 LKs for basic Starex models.
  • Sonata: The manufacturer’s signature midsize sedan, offering front-wheel drive and easy, everyday driving. The Sonata is packed with premium safety features, with high-quality finishes and interiors, and engine innovations with more recent models for better energy consumption and fuel economy. Depending on the year and exact car model, expect to see starting prices from around 150-200 LKs for most Sonatas.

It’s easier than ever to buy a used Hyundai in Myanmar

Make huge savings on showroom asking prices, and enjoy smooth and pleasant transactions every time with hundreds of online classifieds at You’ll find new listings added daily, with commercial vehicles, city compacts, luxury saloons, and designer sports car on offer across Yangon and beyond. You’ll be surprised just how much you can save when you buy online. It’s easier than ever to get behind the wheel of a new set of wheels in no time at all, but always remember a few key points when buying a vehicle online:

  • Establish contact with the authorized seller or owner of the car. Ask to see proof of ownership if this information isn’t provided to you as standard.
  • Perform a full inspection of the vehicle before committing to a sale. Make sure the initial classified is thorough and detailed, and don’t be afraid to ask for more information. Bring your own certified mechanic or auto expert to assess any used car before purchasing.
  • Make sure you’ve ticked off all the basic checks yourself, from the mileage to the interiors. Get as thorough a history of the vehicle as you can before parting with your cash.
  • Make sure all vehicle documents and sale contracts are legitimate, and always consult an expert if unsure.

Get the best possible price for used Hyundais

Looking to sell your old vehicle online? Engage potential customers with a killer car classified, then sit back and wait for the messages to roll in. It’s straightforward and simple to sell your car online at, with no hidden charges and listing fees to put a dent in your profit. Cut out the commission charges of dealerships and middle men, and make your used car fetches a fantastic price, so you can spend the proceeds on a stunning new set of wheels to drive you through 2015 and beyond.. Get an immediate sale with a winning pitch, and stick to a few tricks for success, every time:

  • Price it right. Never charge more than the vehicle is worth, and always consider the implications of superficial damage, as well as any recurrent engine problems. If you’re looking for an instant sale, undercutting the asking prices of competing listings will pipe interest quicker.
  • Flag positive features and benefits. Don’t just describe the car, make sure you always sell the unique selling points of key features and finishes. If there’s any special additions to the car (engines, interiors, entertainment systems), make a point to mention it.
  • Be upfront and honest about the overall condition of the car. You can also consider explaining a little about why you’re selling the vehicle in the first place. You needn’t go into too much detail, but being upfront and candid will establish trust and authority.
  • Use photos to your full advantage. They say a good picture can tell a thousand words. Give your classified the added benefit of a gallery of relevant photos of the vehicle you’re selling, with key shots and details of interiors, upgrades and additions, and under the hood.
  • Consider frequently asked questions. Save time on volleying email inquiries around, and summarize all the key info a customer might need on your product page.