Honda car classifieds in Myanmar

Looking to swap out your old car with a quality used Honda? At, you'll find thousands of car classifieds offering the latest Hondas, BMWs, Toyotas, Audis and more. Get the car you want at a price you'll absolutely love, and get comfortable behind a new set of wheels to take through the rest of 2015 and beyond in style. It's free and easy to search for and post classifieds, with no concealed charges or listing fees to worry about, meaning you keep more of the deal price. Honda's been the number one car manufacturer for over half a century, setting the standard in excellence for car design, safety features, engine performance, and driving advancements. From innovative beginnings manufacturing internal combustion engines, the manufacturer has grown into one of the most diverse automobile companies on the planet, offering everything from sports cars, to reliable everyday models like the Civic and Fit, to 4x4 drives well prepared for adventuring off the beaten track.  

Grab a great deal on the most popular Hondas in Myanmar

As forerunners in car design and engine manufacturing, Honda have hundreds of iconic car models and commercial vehicles to boast. You'll find dozens of these models still on the road today, all with original features and refinements. Get a great deal on a Click, or save a bundle on the newest Kit. There's a car to suit any budget, with great deals in your city on classic cars, including:
  • Odyssey: The Odyssey combines the practical features and requirements of a minivan, into a more compact and attractive exterior. Ideal for small business, this reliable micro van is one of the most popular commercial models on the company's books, and makes the ideal main vehicle for sole traders. Asking prices of 150-250 LKs for used models aren't unreasonable.
  • Scoopy: One of Honda's best-sellers since the 1970s, the Scoopy is one of the most popular scooter models in the world. With good looks and a reliable single-cylinder engine, the Scoopy makes quick work of city streets, with easy steering and handling for even novice riders. Easy to run and low on consumption, this is a stalwart of personal transport. Older Scoopy models can fetch for as little as 12-15 LKs.
  • Crossroad: This family-friendly crossover SUV is ideal for outdoor pursuits, with a rugged exterior design and fierce engine to handle demanding terrain. The Crossroad series is safer, faster and more reliable than ever, and comes available in multiple models so it's fit for purpose. Expect asking prices in the region of 200-300 LKs for most Crossroad models.

Buy Hondas in Myanmar today

Looking for a quick deal? Find your perfect car, contact the seller, and have the keys to a new vehicle more quickly than ever when you search online at With new car classifieds added daily, it's easy to track down used Hondas and luxury cars at fantastic prices that can't be beat. Cut the extra cost of car dealerships and sales agents out of the equation, and enjoy more of the proceeds thanks to no hidden costs and selling charges. If it's your first time buying a car online, remember a few key tips and tricks to ensure the safest, most hassle-free transaction possible:
  • Speak to the owner of the car if it's a private sale. If you're buying through a smaller agency, make sure you've checked them out online first and established their credentials are legitimate.
  • Inspect the finer details, from the mileage to the upholstery. Make sure you've got a good overview of the vehicle's history, from creation, right up until 2015.
  • Always leave a sale with a contract. A verbal contract won't do. Make sure you've got proof of purchase on paper.
  • Do your research for the best possible deal. Read up on the car you're looking to buy for a full spec, and you may find you're able to haggle a discount of a buyer. Doing your homework means you'll clock any suspicious info in car listings as well, helping you filter out the less relevant ads more quickly.

How to sell used Hondas

You can buy and sell previously owned cars at With new classifieds added daily, make sure yours stands out from the crowd with effective calls to action and a strong sales message. Be your own agent, and command a premium price with the right wording. First time selling online? Check out a few tricks of the trade below to see how you can capture a cracking price for your car:
  • Be honest. Don't try and conceal damages or issues with the vehicle. A buyer will inevitably have to inspect the car, so being honest and upfront from the start won't leave them feeling duped.
  • Feel free to post as many pics as possible. Use images to your advantage, getting important imagery for key interest points, the interior, and clear whole profile shots of your car.
  • Concise information, accurate spec. Don't include incorrect car specification with your listing. When it comes to finalize a sale, a customer may bring their own mechanic or quality assurance expert.