Find the best Ford Car Classifieds in Myanmar

With more and more drivers on the road every year in Myanmar, the appetite for premium wheels and imported cars has only increased. Figures for new car sales in 2015 are at an all time high, and this trend looks set to only increase. With more drivers on the roads than ever, international car manufacturers and historic brands have become a common site. Trendsetters in automobile innovation, Ford, are just one of many car brands becoming increasingly popular in Myanmar. Founded in 1903, the Ford Motor Company has become synonymous with user-friendly automobile design and premium finishes across all its commercial and luxury models. Looking for a new set of wheels? It's easier than ever to find five-star car classifieds and quality vehicles at a fraction of the cost of new, with safe and secure payments, and no transaction fees to worry about.  

Discover the most popular Ford cars in Myanmar

With over a century of industry-leading experience in car manufacturing, Ford's old-school American automobile design and performance-led features make the brand a sought-after one to this day. From everyday 2-wheel drives, to SUVs and off-roaders, it's easier than ever to find the perfect vehicle at a priceyou'll love. Discover high-performance models for high-octane driving, or opt for energy-efficient motors with less fuel consumption to make great savings long-term. Explore used car classifieds for essential drives, including:
  • Ranger series: This all-wheel-drive pickup truck is one of the brand's best-selling models, ideal for off-road driving adventures off the beaten track. This 5.5 metre long pickup makes quick work of any terrain, and boasts plenty of flatbed cargo capacity.
  • Transit series: Easy to drive and incredibly economical, the Transit series makes an ideal choice for small businesses and sole traders. Increased cargo capacity makes this the perfect choice for those in the delivery or construction trade, with specially designed interiors and components to allow for quicker repair times, saving you work time losses.
  • Mustang series: One of the brand's most enduring models, the Mustang is an American motoring classic. More recent models feature a 2.3 litre motor and a V8 engine, getting up to speeds of 60 mph in under 5 seconds. An essential for those who love driving, the Mustang offers premier steering and enhanced performance.

Buying used Fords in Myanmar

Save on showroom prices and make great savings when buying a new car, with super discounts on best-selling models. You'll find hundreds of fantastic car classifieds at sensational prices, letting you land a bargain and save some serious investment. If it's your first time purchasing a car or vehicle online, always ensure a smooth transaction by following a few essential tips and tricks of the trade:
  • Always ensure you're a car from the registered owner. Some classifieds may include information on this, other times you may have to chase for further information yourself.
  • Is the car roadworthy? It might be a new model, but it doesn't mean the car is fit for purpose. Make sure the vehicle you're looking to buy has passed all testing and safety requirements, and be sure to request certification and relevant documents whenever you can.
  • Use your mechanic or car expert to give your new vehicle a final seal of approval. If you're still not satisfied, don't go through with the transaction.
  • Always check the mileage of the car, and ask for as thorough an insight into the vehicle's history as possible.
  • Never sign off on a deal until the paperwork is in your hands. Make sure you have a valid purchase agreement or contract, and read over all clauses to ensure you're completely covered.

Selling used Fords online

If you're looking to sell your old car, you could save plenty by listing it online. Sell your car faster with a free online classified, putting you in touch with hundreds of potential buyers across Yangon and beyond. Make sure you get the best price possible for your vehicle by sticking to a few choice tips when setting up your classified:
  • Do your research: Make sure your car and all relevant details are accurately listed, giving potential customers all the info they'll need. Don't encourage them to look elsewhere for a more useful classified.
  • Be honest: Don't include any misleading info in your listing. Customers will want to check the car down to the most minor detail, so ensure that the vehicle age, condition and mileage is all correctly accounted for.
  • Take photos: Show your vehicle off with useful, relevant photographs of key features. Make sure you've taken imagery from every key angle, capturing the car interior and exterior. If you need to, take some photographs of under the hood. If there is any damage worth mentioning, don't try and disguise it.