Explore 1000s of BMW Cars and Classifieds in Myanmar

With more cars on Myanmar roads every year, drivers are increasingly looking to international brands and established automobile manufacturers. Last year, imported car numbers rose significantly, and the trend looks set to continue through 2015 and beyond. From BMW to Aston Martin, Audi to Volkswagen, it's easier than ever to find a used car at a great rate, with instant access to hundreds of car classifieds.

Originally founded in 1916, the German auto-maker Bayerische Motoren Werkehave long since been one of the premier names in luxury car manufacturing. From their origins in engine manufacturing, to the unveiling of their first car model, the Austin Seven, BMW's reputation only continues to grow.


Get behind the wheel of some of the most popular BMW models on sale in Myanmar

For more than a century, the German car manufacturer has been at the forefront of thoughtful automobile design, and enviable everyday luxury. Still one of the most popular car makers in the world, there's no shortage of choice when it comes to buying a new pair of wheels from the historic German brand. Explore our classifieds for hundreds of essential vehicles, including:

  • X1: This luxury 4-wheel drive is a great option for families and bigger broods, looking for all-round comfort, high performance, and a signature luxury aesthetic. Optional add-ons and engine enhancements push the performance of X1 even further.
  • X6: Enjoy sleek designer features, 0-60 mph in 7.5 seconds, and complete 4-wheel drive for optimum steering. A stunning update on the X5 model, push performance even further with 750 engine updates and customizations.
  • 3 Series 320i: It's smooth steering with the 320i Sport, boasting superior fuel consumption efficiency for long-term savings and cheaper running costs. Even at higher speeds, this stalwart of the 3 series offers refined handling and precision steering, ideal for recreational driving.

Buying BMWs in Myanmar

If you're on the hunt for used BMWs at a great price, turn your attentions to online for hundreds of carclassifieds offering essential drives and popular models at a fraction of the cost of new. Cut out the commission and added cost of a dealership or showroom, and enjoy complete freedom of choice while browsing hundreds of premium cars and vehicles. It's easy to make significant savings when buying throughclassifieds, but always take special care during any transaction with a few key point to remember:

  • Protect yourself against scam artists. Always ensure the vehicle you're looking to buy is being sold by the registered owner of the car.
  • Ensure a rigorous quality test of the car that is being sold. Ask to see previous reports and audits, and always bring in your own mechanic or expert to give the vehicle an objective assessment.
  • Research the model you're looking to buy. Carefully compare manufacturer information against the details listed in the classified. Any deviation should be a cause for concern.
  • Always make sure the vehicle purchase comes with a proof of sale, or contract to prove new ownership.

Get the best price when selling your BMW online in Myanmar

Make sure you get the best deal possible when trading in your old set of wheels by listing the classified yourself. You can shift your old car in half the time, with easy to publish classified listings, putting you in touch with thousands of potential buyers across Yangon and beyond. Be your own seller and command your own price, without having to pay for commission and listing fees. If it's your first time selling a car online, be sure to get the best rate possible by sticking to a few essential seller tips:

  • Offer a fair price. Consider the age of the car, overall condition and mileage. If your car isn't a premier example of the model, consider lowering your price slightly. Do your research and see what other models are selling for, making sure you're not pitching too high or low with your pricing.
  • Be detailed. Establish authority and put potential customers at ease, with well researched and presented information about the vehicle you're looking to sell. Make sure all key info is accounted for, and listed accurately. If you're short of things to write about, talk about specific features in more detail, but don't over-bake rudimentary features.
  • Use imagery to sell your car. A set of crystal clear photographs of your car's interior and exterior are a no-brainer. Make sure images accurately reflect what you've written in your description, and spend a little time to perfect your photography skills for premium imagery that'll help seal a deal.
  • Mention any important information. If there's any issues with the vehicle, be sure to mention them now. Minor damages and low-priority fixes needn't put a potential buyer off, but concealing them will.