2005 BMW 6 - Myanmar (Burma)
2005 BMW 6 Cars, South Okkalapa
650.00 LKs

BMW, a brand of high - standard and refined driving machines

Founded back in 1916, the BMW Company produced some of the most famous and brilliant driving machines those are well-known all around the world, including in Myanmar. This German company produced a wide variety of vehicles with different classes such as luxury type, sport type, convertibles etc. Most of the Myanmar people love to own one as the brand doesn’t just state the wealth and social class of the owner but also the desire to seek the best driving experience with modest safety measures. Even though the BMW models aren’t very abundant in Myanmar as much as in the Western countries, some famous models such as the 5 series can be seen in large cities like Yangon and Mandalay. According to the fact that there is no official BMW showroom opened yet in Myanmar, most of the BMW cars in Myanmar are either bought through private agents or auditions done through online. This also results in the situation that most of the vehicles in the country are either used or pre-owned ones.


Looking forward to buy a BMW car in Myanmar

It might be a bit troublesome for you purchase one of the models of this famous brand. As there are a lot lesser BMW owners in comparison to other brands, it is a bit difficult to easily look around for the model you want to buy by using the traditional method of buying cars in Myanmar; through brokers or looking around cars markets those exists around the city. The other way around might be to contact the private car selling agents which will surely charge you large amount of money for their service. Within the models those can be accessible more easily, the following are the most favorable in Myanmar:

  • BMW 5 Series: These large executive saloons/sedans are the best of their class, beating out Mercedes E-class and Lexus LS series in several factors. It comes in wide different series as of 520i, 523i, 525i while the latter being the most plenty one. It doesn’t just offer only an amazing driving experience but also a sleek and awesome vehicular profile which provide best safety measures available while keeping the unique appearance of the brand. If you are traveling around the urban area with style, this one is your best choice. The 525i series are available with different Year models. Depending on the Year model and the car state, the BMW 5 series can be ranging from 320 Lakhs to 400 Lakhs.
  • BMW Z3: The BMW Z3 roadster is a convertible two – seater car is really fun – to – drive vehicle. Ideal for urban travel, this car is very noticeable due to its sporty looks combined altogether with the style of a coupe. Produced back in between 1996 and 1998 with various Year Models and upgrade, it is a dream for most of the young people in Myanmar. Installed with a 1.9 liter inline-4 engine, it produces a smooth power delivery and a distinctive engine sound. You can get this sporty car with just around 200 Lakhs.
  • BMW X5: This Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) is a large four door vehicle with large interior compartments. Suitable for driving on both smooth and rough terrains, the BMW X5’s unique feature is plug – in hybrid electric driving which can travels up to 14 miles in emergency cases. Packed with a 300-hp turbocharged inline-six engine, this model is considered as one of the tops among the crossovers platform. Very reliable for long – distance travel, you can enjoy the country side scenes with almost no hindering at all with this car. Best experience still comes with some considerable costs so that the BMW X5 can be ranging from around 350 Lakhs to even above 550 Lakhs for latest models.

Purchasing a BMW car from online in Myanmar

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Selling a BMW car through online in Myanmar

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