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Buy and sell cameras in Myanmar

For novices, buying a camera is often a tricky business as it is sometimes hard to understand the differences between the different types of devices and the numerous brands like Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, GoPro, etc. 

Classifieds sites allow you to find affordable cameras and are therefore ideal for beginners. If you are in doubt, do not hesitate to get in touch directly with the seller to ask for his opinion.

Online ads are also perfect for experienced photographers or collectors looking for specific models that might be hard to find in physical stores. Old and new cameras like Polaroids are sold on Vendito at interesting prices. 

Next to amateurs selling their cameras, professional sellers also use classifieds to increase their visibility, making for a very large and diverse offer.


Buy a camera online: Compact, DSLR or Bridge?

There are many kinds of digital camera adapted to different needs:

  • DSLR: with their imposing sensors, it is the largest of the three, and offer the best picture quality. These are the most popular among photo enthusiasts, but require some practice. They are usually the most expensive models.
  • Bridge Camera: bigger than compact cameras, they offer more options, such as electronic viewfinder and a powerful zoom. 
  • Compact camera: very common, they are small and the image quality is limited. They are very convenient for travelling and for novices. They are also the cheapest on the market.
  • There are also hybrid devices, which often have interchangeable lenses and which quality is closer to that of the DSLR cameras.


The different types of video cameras

Digital camcorders, combining video cameras and video recorders, are divided into the same categories:

  • Compact camcorders are the most basic but sufficient for amateur use.
  • Bridges video cameras have generally manual modes that offer more options than compact models, but are bigger in size. 
  • The DSLR cameras have larger sensors and offer better image quality, they also allow many more adjustments. However, they are very bulky. 


Accessories for Cameras and Video Recorders

You can find all the accessories you need for taking photos on the Internet:

  • memory cards
  • tripods
  • lenses
  • usb cables



Also find the best products to print your photos. Now you can print your holiday pictures or art photos at home thanks to dedicated printers.  


Buying a used camera: our tips

To help you choose your device, here is some advice: 

  • Check the overall quality of the device, whether it corresponds to what the seller described (functionalities, waterproof or not, accessories ...) and whether it is damaged.
  • Make sure to note the date of manufacture and the precise reference of the product and check all features of this model online.  
  • Do not hesitate to contact the vendor by phone or email if some questions are left unanswered on the ad.