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Buy and Sell your Audio Equipment through Classifieds in Myanmar

The demand for technology in Myanmar has never been greater, particularly in the audio equipment sector. There is a rapidly growing market for every kind of sound system and Hi-Fi, and the mp3 player market is huge. Needless to say, as a result buying and selling audio equipment can become very complicated, as there is so much choice on offer. The Internet has revolutionised the way we shop, making it no longer necessary to pay high prices for goods through high street retailers. While there are over 1,000 retailers of electronic goods listed in Yangon, many people are now buying their new and used technology through the classifieds online instead. It makes financial sense to buy digital audio systems this way, as technology goes out of date so quickly that it is worth trying to get a cheap deal or buying used instead of new. Here at, we provide a simple, safe platform for you to buy all your home electronics, and make some extra money by selling your old ones, too.

Most Popular Sound Systems (Apple, Bose, Technica etc)

Portable MP3 Players

By far the most popular mp3 player is the Apple iPod, in particular the iPod Touch. This iconic device is now in its 5th generation, and is no longer just a music player - it incorporates touch-screen technology, features an 8 megapixel camera, and allows you to play all your favorite online games. It comes with a collection of popular apps, with thousands more available on the App Store. There are various models available, ranging from 16gb to 64gb storage. Prices for the iPod Touch vary; most high street retailers are selling them at roughly 400,000Ks, but at you can often find a new model at 280,000Ks or less.

Amplifiers and Speakers

These days many speaker systems come with a built-in amplifier. Most also feature Bluetooth technology, allowing you to stream your music direct from your mp3 player throughout your home. Ideally the power should be in the region of 100 watts per channel, which will provide greater clarity in the top and mid ranges, and boost the bass without the need for a separate sub woofer. The most popular brands of speaker systems are well-known names such as Bose, Technica, Pioneer and Audiophile. They are not always easy to source in Myanmar but are regularly available through, where you can find, for example, Bose Soundlink speakers available for 328,000Ks or less.

Buying Audio Equipment Online

Classifieds are a safe and cost effective way of making all your household purchases. sells new and used goods and allow you to call, text or email the seller before making your purchase, ensuring that you're happy with the quality of the goods.

Selling Audio Equipment Online

If you want to upgrade your audio system, it makes financial sense to sell your old one. If you choose to sell through the classifieds, choose a reputable site like, who allow you to list your goods for free and do not make your contact details public, but enable buyers to contact you directly through their website.