Apartments and Flats in Classifieds Myanmar 

Using an online portal to choose a property for sale or let in our free classifieds is easy. It gives you confidence to buy and sell your home safely with peace of mind. You can search multiple properties in your area, filtering by information such as budget, number of bedrooms, location and size. View properties on our website from your computer or mobile device and gain all the information you require, wherever you are. It is important that if you see a house you like in the classifieds to move quickly. Set up an alert to have new properties sent to you as soon as they are listed, that way you will be able to register an interest first.

Take the following things into consideration when you are looking to buy or lease a property:

  • Affordability – ensure that the property is within your financial reach. 
  • Proximity to family and friends and work – make sure the area suits you. 
  • Finally lifestyle, do you like to be in the centre of the city with access to all of the amenities or prefer somewhere more suburban? 

Once you have determined your main requirements you can narrow down your options.

Apartment Information Myanmar

When choosing whether to purchase or rent here in 2016 there are many things to take into consideration.Yangon (also known as Rangoon) is the country’s largest city with a population spanning five million people, it is also the most important commercial centre. With golden Buddhist temples, lakes, parks and museums it is a tourist hot spot, the most expensive area due to the amenities on offer. Bear in mind you will pay a premium to reside in the city but if you want to be in the centre of the action it could be for you. 

All real estate prices are usually determined by the owner, but they can be negotiated in some instances. The demand is creating an increase in price especially in commercial and central locations and supply of these properties is scarce. Some of the most popular areas of Yangon are Mayangone, Kamaryut and South Okkaalapa, if you seek to buy or lease in these areas you need to be quick to secure your ideal property. 

How to Buy or Sell an apartment in Myanmar

Properties can be sold on this portal by registered agents or private individuals. Key information is paramount to the success of a sale. The following details should be listed with photographs to ensure the buyer has all of the information they need to make an informed decision. 

  • Type of accommodation and room numbers
  • Square feet of the property
  • Flooring/Heating 
  • Allocated Parking Spaces
  • Location
  • Amenities close by ie. public transport links, shopping.

If you wish to buy, simply select a property you are interested in from the website. You can contact the agent listing the property or the owner via the classifieds portal, it is safe and secure. They will be able to assist you with any further information regarding your preferred property and arrange any viewings, agree on price and go through any contracts.

Tips for buying an apartment in Myanmar

Make sure you have all of the correct information before you proceed. Ensure the location is right for you, the facilities and size suits your needs and that any finance taken is affordable and fits your budget. Check all of the paperwork thoroughly and only agree if you are one hundred percent happy with the details and inclusions. Professional legal representatives and translators can be hired to do this on your behalf.

Renting an apartment in Myanmar

If you wish to lease a home through an agency, there is usually a leasing contract to agree and sign, usually for the duration of one year minimum, although shorter terms can be negotiated. The monthly costs and any brokerage fees should be discussed prior to signing your agreement. You can protect yourself by ensuring a certified agent is dealing with your requirements and that contracts are legally binding. Find out if the agent or individual wishes to charge you per hour for the property viewing as some do, especially when they employ a car, driver or interpreter - fees are usually reimbursed should you proceed to contract. The main things to consider when renting are costs: is it affordable for you every month, does the property choice and location suit your needs.